Leadership Team

  • Ali Colombo

    Manager of Business Development

    Ali Colombo, Manager of Business DevelopmentLaLa

    Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, and spending time with my grandchildren (my favorite people in the world lol)
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Avignon, France
    Bucket List:
    Visiting Italy; I am first generation American from my paternal side they were from Sicily and Napoli
    Cruisitude™: Sitting on a beach with a mojito in my hand looking out at the sea with my ship sitting on a glistening ocean
    Fun facts:
    -“My name is Ali and I’m a chocoholic!” I love anything chocolate!
    -I’m not fond of heights, but I did manage to climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris without looking down and took some amazing pictures
    -My mother was from Cuba, so I grew up loving salsa music and Cuban coffee and I can make a mean “arroz con pollo” (chicken and rice)

  • Caitlin Gardner

    Director of Corporate Communications & Digital Strategy

    Caitlin Gardner, Director of Public RelationsPositive Polly

    Hobbies: I love relaxing by the pool, cruising in the Caribbean, traveling with friends and family
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    St. Lucia
    Bucket List:
    I have so many: South Africa, Australia, and Alaska are a few
    Cruisitude™: I give people 100% from the get-go!
    Fun facts:
    -I subconsciously buy a lot of orange and blue – after my alma mater
    -I am a certified SCUBA diver and am always looking forward to my next dive
    -Cruise Planners was one of my first-ever PR clients

  • Cathy Kusuma

    Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and Agent Engagement

    Cathy Kusuma, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and Agent EngagementDrama Queen – Since I Dream of Broadway

    Hobbies: Traveling, writing, drawing, singing, and spending lots of time with my family (especially with my husband, Deni, and my fabulous kids, Sophie and Oliver)
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Bucket List:
    To visit Tahiti, see the Great Wall of China, and perform on Broadway, of course!
    Cruisitude™: Incorporating travel, music, and different cultures into my everyday life to keep things fun and interesting
    Fun facts:
    -I speak Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
    -My two childhood dreams were to work on a cruise ship (which I did) and to perform on Broadway (still yet to be accomplished)
    -My favorite all-time movie is Mary Poppins; I can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards

  • Debbi Dunn

    Event Operations Manager

    Debbi Dunn, Event Operations ManagerDD

    Hobbies: Traveling (that’s a given), gardening, planning trips with my family, and watching sports
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Thailand or Turkey…it’s too close to call
    Bucket List:
    Antarctica & Tahiti (I know complete opposites)
    Cruisitude™: Relaxing and enjoying every moment with my family. My business Cruisitude is the excitement of watching another successful training class graduate! It’s bitter sweet, but I know that they now have the tools, experience, motivation, and a support team in place to one day be a Top Producer!
    Fun facts:
    -I’m an Avid Miami Dolphins’ Fan (no comments please)
    -I have over 70 orchid plants
    -I was a pilot and landed a 747 plane – of course that was in a flight simulator

  • Diana Riel

    Director of Business Development

    Diana Riel, Director of Business DevelopmentQueen B[usiness]

    Hobbies: I love to dance and travel but my true passion is boating
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Bucket List:
    Hopefully one day I’ll make it to Tahiti or Australia/New Zealand or the Greek Isles
    Cruisitude™:Cruisitude means making your dreams come true by having passion for travel and for enjoying life
    Fun facts:
    -I am passionate about travel
    -I am all about boating
    -I love the Gators

  • Laura Blanco

    Director of Sales

    Laura Blanco, Director of SalesLASKA GLASKA

    Hobbies: The beach, spending time with my kids, husband, and 2 chocolate labs
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Cabo San Lucas & Heidelberg, Germany
    Bucket List: The question should be what isn’t on my bucket list. I want to go everywhere! What I really need to do is take my kids on a cruise
    Cruisitude™: Any trip that I take with my family and we are spending quality time together
    Fun facts:
    -I love anything to do with travel
    -15 years in the business and it never gets old
    -I love trying to go to new restaurants I see on TV

  • Lisa Granata

    Human Resources Manager

    Lisa Granata, Human Resources ManagerTeam Cruisitude™ Ambassador

    Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, watching my TV shows, reading the occasional book, trying to start working out again, and learning to eat healthier
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Bucket List: Go parasailing, see the volcanoes in Hawaii, see the Northern Lights in Alaska, see the outback in Australia, go to the Norwegian Fjords, see the Penguins down in Antarctica, see the Black Forest in Germany, see the Peniche, Portugal (Peniche is my maiden name), and travel and travel and travel some more.
    Cruisitude™: Striving to stay positive not only through the highs in life, but through the lows as well.
    Fun facts:
    -I am a proud army wife since 7/7/2007 and my two children have 4 paws each – Siberian Huskies, Juna and Maia
    -Founding sister of the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon at FIU
    -My mother met Elvis Presley in the mid-60s

  • Nick DeSantis

    Business Development Manager, Top Producers

    Nick DeSantis, Business Development Manager, Top ProducersNick-It

    Hobbies: I’m a BIG thoroughbred fan and enjoy going to the racetrack. I think it’s because my family owned racehorses when I was young. I’m also a pretty good handicapper.
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    I’ve been lucky to visit Santorini twice but next time I’m staying there for more than one day.
    Bucket List:
    Ireland has been on my bucket list for more than 5 years, but I always choose a different destination to travel next.
    Cruisitude™: Life is too short to sit and watch it go by. I’d rather watch it from my verandah.
    Fun facts:
    -I try to visit Disney World at least once a year as well as going on a cruise.
    -My favorite song is Tears for Fears, “Everybody wants to Rule the World.”
    -My favorite movie is “Thelma and Louise.”
    -In 2015, I was voted “Glittering Star” MVP by our Cruise Planners franchisees.


  • Olaf Olen

    IT Support Manager

    Olaf Olen, Network AdministratorWarm Hugs Olaf

    Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, Spending time with the family and watch them have fun on each trip.
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    For a weekend vacation it is Jamaica otherwise I still love Switzerland
    Bucket List:
    Visiting Amsterdam and go sky diving.  Never stop traveling it keeps you young.
    Cruisitude™: Whatever you do or choose to do give it your 100%.  Stay away from negativity and help others when you can.
    Fun facts:
    - I like fruity drinks
    - I like to cook and try different foods.
    - My grandmother took me on a cruise to nowhere to learn how to gamble at 18.

  • Phill Guerra

    Director of Technology

    Phill Guerra , Director of TechnologyPHILL With Two Ls

    Hobbies:Attempting to play golf.
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    I’m a Florida guy, so any place with a warm beach and cold cocktails.
    Bucket List:
    I have a lot of traveling left to do, but Europe is at the top. 
    Cruisitude™: Making the tools that allow our agents to make dreams come true. The Technology Team takes great pride in providing the best tools for our agents.
    Fun facts:
    - I’ve never been in snow
    – I drove from Las Vegas to Ft. Lauderdale
    - My family may have owned a castle in Spain

  • Stacie Faulds

    Director of Marketing

    Stacie Faulds, Director of Marketing

    Creative Coach

    Hobbies: I love to cook and find new recipes, love to eat and find new restaurants, and especially love things that need tickets – from movies to hockey to my favorite, rock concerts.
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Sonoma Valley in the U.S., Italy abroad, and anywhere the cruise ship takes me.
    Bucket List: Dinner for two at French Laundry, Super Bowl if the Buffalo Bills are ever in it again, front row at a U2 concert.
    Cruisitude: Exhale, expand your mind and experience new things.
    Fun facts:
    – Married to my college sweetheart, and mom to a son in college (Gator!) and daughter in high school . Together, they are my travel companions, concert buddies, and source of pride.
    – I wasn’t kidding about the concerts. Have attended 168 since age 13, and counting.  
    – Member of a fantasy football league and proud three-time winner.

  • Teresa LeClair

    Associate Director, Creative Programs

    Teresa LeClair, Associate Director, Creative ProgramsCrazy Ninja

    Hobbies: Watching football; Dancing; MMA; Sampling great food and drinks from around the world
    Favorite Vacation Spot:
    Too many to choose from but I’ll go back to Amsterdam and Kauai anytime.
    Bucket List:
    Going back to my birthplace.
    Cruisitude™: Live your life. Be good. Be happy. Be thankful. And go see the world.
    Fun facts:
    -I am shy although I was a theater student in high school.
    -I am a black belt in karate and trained in Jeet Kune Do although I would not hurt a fly.
    -I love extreme sports. I’ll try anything once.