A Host Travel Agency or a Cruise Planners Franchise? Which Is Best?

If you're a business-minded person who is excited about the travel industry, there are a couple of ways you can become part of it. You can join a host travel agency and handle much of the responsibilities and work yourself, or you can become a franchisee with Cruise Planners. Of course, both a franchise and host agency opportunity have their place in our industry. But your choice will depend very much on your goals. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want brand recognition and established marketing support?
  • Do I want a structured business model and proven operating procedures?
  • Can I get access to industry-leading technology and marketing tools?
  • Do I want to become part of a like-minded community of business owners?

If the answer is yes to any of them, a Cruise Planners opportunity is the way to go! Remember, a franchise is more than just buying a name; it's a partnership with a team dedicated to your success.

Why Choose Cruise Planners Over a Travel Agent Host Agency?

Becoming part of the travel industry with a Cruise Planners franchise is a great way to go into business for yourself, not by yourself. Our low-cost investment comes with incredible advantages that you just can’t enjoy when you join a host agency for travel agents. Below are just a few of them.
Sell the World Brochure
Built-in Brand Recognition
Imagine starting a business with an established name that travelers trust. Cruise Planners is that name, offering you instant brand recognition. We are America’s number-one travel franchise opportunity, and when you become part of our brand, you’ll leverage our established reputation and customer base, saving you years of building brand awareness from scratch.
A True Partner in Business
Building a successful travel agency requires a diverse skill set. Cruise Planners provides ongoing support across all aspects of business. You'll receive training on industry best practices, marketing strategies, technology platforms, and much more. We offer dedicated marketing materials, a support team, and access to exclusive travel vendors, giving you an exceptional competitive edge not provided by a host travel agency.
Support to Help You Grow
A Proven Path to Growth

Franchises like ours operate under a proven business model, minimizing the risks associated with starting a new business. You’ll benefit from our experience and proven processes and procedures that act as a playbook for success. This includes established marketing strategies and customer service protocols. With Cruise Planners, you're not reinventing the wheel; you're leveraging a tested system designed to move you forward!

Industry-Leading Tools at Your Fingertips

Technology is the backbone of the modern travel industry. Cruise Planners franchise ownership grants you access to our industry-leading booking and customer relationship management software. It will help you streamline operations, automate tasks, and enhance client engagement. Think real-time availability checks, personalized travel recommendations, online booking options, and much more. Our technology is at the heart of our opportunity and you’ll quickly realize how it helps you easily manage your business.

Support to Help You Grow
More Transparency
Marketing Muscle

Marketing a new business can be daunting. A Cruise Planners partnership gives you access to national and regional marketing campaigns that leverage our budget and expertise. You'll benefit from our established advertising strategies and regular social media engagement and will have access to local marketing materials. We’ll help you fine-tune your local market development, equipping you with the skills needed to tailor your marketing efforts to your specific clientele.

Freedom with Structure

One of the biggest misconceptions is that franchises stifle creativity, but that’s certainly not the case with Cruise Planners. While you’ll operate your franchise within our proven framework, you’ll have the freedom to customize your travel agency to reflect your niche and target audience. For example, you might specialize in adventure travel, family vacations, or luxury cruises. Our franchise opportunity provides the flexibility you’ll want to define your unique selling proposition and personalize the client experience.

A Network of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Owning a franchise with us means you're not alone! You'll join a network of fellow franchise owners who share your passion for travel and small business ownership and who face similar challenges. This built-in community fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and peer support in a way that travel agent host agencies don’t. Our franchise conferences and workshops offer valuable learning opportunities, while regional meetings allow you to connect with colleagues facing similar market dynamics.

With a strong franchise brand backing you, a comprehensive support system, and a proven path to success, a Cruise Planners investment will leave you feeling well-equipped to navigate the thriving travel industry and carve out your own niche in this robust and exciting market!


Ready to find out more information about everything a Cruise Planner franchise comes with? We’re here to answer your questions, so get in touch today!

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