Brian Shultz
Chief Information Officer

Brian Shultz - Chief Information Officer At Cruise Planners

As the resident tech guru, Brian Shultz oversees all the technological innovations developed at Cruise Planners.

Under Brian’s decade of leadership, Cruise Planners IT team has grown from a few people to an entire department who consistently delivers the most cutting-edge technology in both the travel and franchise industries. To meet everyone’s needs, Brian works closely with the Cruise Planners® travel advisors and Home Office Team to produce tools that make business management seamless and efficient.


Hometown: Bensalem, PA

Hobbies: Basketball, art, app development, and working on cars.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Napa Valley, California

Bucket List: Take a tour of Italy to visit Rome, Venice, and Sicily.

My Cruisitude® Definition: I love watching the city as the ship leaves the port and realizing that I can look forward to relaxation and fun on my vacation. To me, there is nothing better than a cruise to reduce stress and increase the fun.

Fun Facts: Growing up, I was always drawing. When I went to college, my first (of many) majors was in art. I draw portraits, landscapes, and other items. However, I truly love doing comic book art. I draw as often as I can and have even had some of my artwork used as illustrations in articles. As an adult, another passion of mine is all things automotive. I love watching car restoration shows, going to car auctions and working on my old Corvette.