When you become part of the Cruise Planners brand, you'll open a travel agency franchise that comes with plenty of perks. Not only will you join a robust and exciting industry, but you’ll also enjoy the freedom and control that comes with being a small business owner. Keep reading to learn more about what makes opening a travel agent franchise with Cruise Planners such a smart move!

Be Your Own Boss

Owning a small business comes with plenty of important responsibilities and day-to-day operational requirements. Still, it can also mean some pretty nifty advantages you might not otherwise enjoy as an employee. These perks are especially significant when you partner with Cruise Planners to open a travel agency franchise. With us by your side, you’ll benefit from ongoing support, allowing you to maximize the advantages of being your own boss. These perks include:

More Freedom: We all know it — working for someone can be a challenge, especially if you’re low on the totem pole. Anytime you need a day off to take care of a family situation, or you’d like to schedule a vacation, chances are you have to go to a supervisor to get approval. That can get frustrating and tiresome pretty quickly.

But as the owner of a Cruise Planners travel agent franchise, you call the shots! You decide what work schedule to keep, who to hire, and when to take time off. You’re the boss, and while that certainly means working to grow your business and meeting the needs of your clients, it can also mean more freedom to carve out a life on your own terms! Take that (discounted, thanks to our travel connections!) vacation you’ve always wanted; schedule time with family and friends; tend to responsibilities outside of work. You decide because it’s your business!

Keeping What You’ve Worked For: How good would it feel to work each day (from the comfort of home) knowing you’re doing so for your own bottom line? Starting your Cruise Planners franchise means you’ll do just that — with plenty of our help! Our comprehensive franchisee training and ongoing support prepare you for growth and leave you feeling fully prepared to leverage our business model.
Bring Joy to Others: Our franchisees quickly become important resources in their communities, as they help members of it plan dream vacations or simply time away to regroup and refresh. When your neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and others begin to turn to you for travel advice and planning, you become a business leader, which can be a great feeling! It’s not often that a person can go to work feeling good about their contributions to the quality of someone else’s life, but every one of our franchisees knows that feeling — and you can, too!

Globetrotting Opportunities


Sure, you’ll be helping lots of clients plan and experience unique and memorable travel experiences, but what about you? Wouldn’t it be great to use all the free time your Cruise Planners franchise can mean for you and use it to do a little globetrotting yourself? Well, you can!

Our exclusive relationships with some of the industry’s leading cruise lines, hotels, booking sites, and other vendors and outlets will allow you to plan and take vacations that will save you money and put you in destinations that have always been on your bucket list. Traveling the world or simply scheduling some downtime in the next state over can add to your quality of life as you explore new environs, meet new people, and seek new adventures!

Expert Travel Franchise Marketing Support


At Cruise Planners, we know it's essential to get the word out about your new travel agency, and we don't leave that to chance! As part of our network of travel advisors, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of regular award-winning marketing that includes:

  • Customized direct mail pieces, designed, printed, and mailed for you
  • Weekly email blasts to clients featuring deals and specials
  • An informative bi-weekly luxury-focused e-newsletter
  • A print-on-demand marketing and communications tool
  • Segmentation data on your clients to assist in more targeted marketing efforts
  • A social media management program to help you build your online footprint

You’ll also benefit from the best-in-industry technology, including our proprietary customer relationship management tool, a live inventory online booking system, a fully functional mobile app that allows you to manage your expert travel business from anywhere, and a personalized website, among other important resources.

If you’re ready to take charge of your future and enjoy all the perks that come with our industry and our franchise opportunity, get in touch with the Cruise Planners team of experts today to learn more about what it takes to become a professional travel advisor!