Ali Colombo

Manager of Business Development

Ali Colombo, Manager of Business DevelopmentLaLa

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, and spending time with my grandchildren (my favorite people in the world lol)
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Avignon, France
Bucket List:
Visiting Italy; I am first generation American from my paternal side they were from Sicily and Napoli
Cruisitude™: Sitting on a beach with a mojito in my hand looking out at the sea with my ship sitting on a glistening ocean
Fun facts:
-“My name is Ali and I’m a chocoholic!” I love anything chocolate!
-I’m not fond of heights, but I did manage to climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris without looking down and took some amazing pictures
-My mother was from Cuba, so I grew up loving salsa music and Cuban coffee and I can make a mean “arroz con pollo” (chicken and rice)