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Work From Home Travel BusinessLet Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, provide training and education on how to become a travel agent. You’ll get the travel agent training you will need to be a good travel agent, and also gain access to proprietary travel research, booking tools, your own website, and mobile application that will give you an advantage over independent and competing travel agents.

How Quickly Can I Start a Travel Agency Job?

Cruise Planners process to becoming a travel agent is one of the quickest ways to start your own travel company. We offer turn key solutions to get your travel agent company up and running as quickly as possible. Our business development team has years of experience and provides the support that new travel agents will need in the beginning to understand how to be successful. Not only do we make starting a travel agency an easy and affordable process, we also try our best to make it worth while to the entrepreneurs who decide to embrace the travel industry as their business of choice!

You can become a certified travel agent by taking Cruise Planners University travel agent courses. Our education and training provides some of the best foundation in becoming a travel agent. Earn a Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) certification as well as a Certified Cruise Planner Experts (CCPE) certification when you graduate from Cruise Planners University.

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  • If I am already in the travel industry, how can Cruise Planners help me grow my business?
  • What about the internet? How can I compete?
  • What kind of training is provided?
  • How much does the franchise cost, and what’s included in the franchise fee?