Top 4 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

Posted on: May 4, 2018

Travel Enthusiasts Listen:  Now Is the Time to Take Your Passion Project to The Next Level with Cruise Planners®

Today, passion projects are the epitome of joy and occupy your time in an effort to escape from this fast-paced world. If your passion is dreaming of your next vacation, researching new destinations to explore or simply planning every detail of a future getaway, now is the time to turn that passion into a travel business opportunity.

Cruise Planners®, an American Express Travel Representative, is the nation’s largest home-based travel franchise and ideal for people who want to work from home and be an independent travel agent. Aside from being the number one travel franchise to date, there are a multitude of reasons why you should turn your travel passions into dollars. Here, we explain the top 4 reasons why you should become a travel agent!

Top Four Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

Top Four Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

1. What Experience? If You Love Travel, You’re in Business!

You don’t necessarily need to be the most qualified travel professional in the room to become a travel agent, you simply need a love for travel, period.  Be honest with yourself and realize what deciding to work for yourself means, and what changes will need to be made. Many times, people do it without understanding why—but it just feels right. Follow your gut and then, take action.

2. Make the Decision, and Let Cruise Planners® Guide You

Once you’ve solidified the route you’re going to become a travel franchisee, we provide you with all of the training and tools you will ever need to succeed. Being in business since 1994, we have learned a thing or two about success and we are one of the most profitable franchises to own. Cruise Planners® is there for you every step of the way. Your success means our success, it’s the recipe to why we have been the number one travel franchise for 24 years according to Entrepreneur. We handle it all, so you can focus on building your client relationships for your travel agency.

3. Cruise Planners® Provides Travel Agents with World Class Technology

Our in-house Information Technology department has consistently beat out our competition when it comes to pushing the technology envelope of the travel industry. This year, we unveiled a first-ever, Alexa Skills that allows travel agents to manage work/life balance and a Skill that clients use to stay in touch with their agents hands-free. With the Technology Suite and Support available to travel agents, if operated correctly, the only way to go is up in your franchise. From training to artificial intelligence used to help make trip recommendations, you will be a tech genius.

4. Work Hard While Playing Hard

One titillating tidbit, you get to travel like you’re a rock star, courtesy of your line of business –– in this industry, you’re able to go on FAM trips, short for “familiarization trips” that allow you to travel like your clients would. Stay at a 5-star resort, try some of the excursions you’d recommend to your clients and even the menu from the local restaurants. You get the experience of a lifetime, why? So, you can make referrals to your clients from your own experiences. You build relationships with these hotel representatives over time which is just as important, just in case you need to call in a favor or two. You get the opportunity to work hard, and play hard while you earn money. All of these trips can be used for social media marketing purposes to promote your travel locations.

Stop thinking about it and start doing! Contact a Cruise Planners® representative today, about starting your own travel agency, and become your own boss.