Posted on: August 19, 2014

If you haven’t already “been there – done that,” you will at some time in your career face this situation.  You know – the point where the corporate world and businesses have layoffs, buyouts, and realigning the structure of a company which may eliminate your job.

In this highly technical era, starting your own business could not be easier. You have all the tools that are powered by the internet such as answering services, virtual assistants, email, social media, and an “International Highway” of information to provide you all the means to start your own business…

Let’s look at an example of how easy it is:
• You are retired now. You are bored and lonely and want to contribute after years of giving your all on the job. But now, you would love to find something to compliment your hobby of boating, traveling and fun in the sun. You could invest a little bit, but don’t want to spend all your money on a start-up business. You just named the field you need to be in. TRAVEL.

• You have used Cruise Planners Travel Agency for years to meet all your travel needs. You have been pleased with all they offer; with a no muss no fuss itinerary. They have found the best deals for you and have NEVER dropped the ball on assisting you in planning the best of vacations. You have just figured out a “potential market” to explore for your business.

• You need a business that has a minimal start-up fee not to exceed $10.000. You also want a business that provides a service where you can work from home, and have very few if any employees…maybe just a family member or two. You have just narrowed your choices by two factors – work at home and invest capital not to exceed $10,000.

• You have a couple of friends that you have traveled with and would like to get their questions, ideas and thoughts on owning a Cruise Planners American Express Agency. You also would like to see what the small business association has to say about starting your own business at home…and you want to investigate the taxes involved in your plan. Working from home can be a write-off for your “office” expenses using a room as your dedicated work space. You have just started your research for your business and from there will start to make a business plan.

• This is really happening for you! You have now contacted Cruise Planners American Express Headquarters in Florida to talk to the executives and “experts” in the field. You have just signed up for Cruise Planners University where you will learn all the tools necessary for your successful new business venture.

• You have signed all the paperwork, done all the research, wrote your business plans, spoke to the experts including your attorney, setup an office in your home, attend CP University and settled the legalities of owning your own business.

You, my friend, have just become the new owner of a Cruise Planners American Express Franchise and will start work next week…AFTER you and your family get back from your trip to the Caribbean – a perk for owning your own business… YOU name the hours you work! Congratulations!