Posted on: October 9, 2011

You made the decision. You are tired of waiting for that “corporate offer” to come in and the state of the economy is trying to get you down. You are sick of all the corporate downsizing, age discrimination, salary reductions, and the gall of businesses claiming, “It’s NOT personal. It’s business” and you decide to quip…well, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” Yes, there ARE some realistic quotes in the movies.You start investigating other options. Then you saw it…that little blue box that is well-known to everyone. The American Express Brand sitting on the right, next to the logo for Cruise (anchor) Planners.

This remarkable company rose to the challenge and achieved a ranking as #1 in category of home-based franchises. With vision, commitment and a steadfast determination, they have truly made a difference.” ~ Entrepreneur magazine

You wondered why American Express and Cruise Planners share a partnership, and what it could mean for you beyond the AE awards Program.

Right there in front of you is the answer you have been looking for…

You heard Cruise Planners was the #one Cruise Line, but you never considered the possibility of going into your own cruise line franchise business. Therefore, you started to investigate the options.

“You can love what you do” the brochure offered. Cruise Planners is a low-investment business opportunity (under $10,000 to invest) which yields high returns with no travel experience required. It is a home-based business model with over 725 franchise owners and is one of the largest, privately-owned, nationally-recognized and continually-awarded cruise selling agencies in the country. It gets better as you see what the AMEX Benefits offer:

Exclusive AMEX benefits for which you can take part:

• Pay with Points program. Your clients can pay their cruise or vacation package by redeeming their reward points. You earn full commission on every sale.

• Pre-and post-hotel program. You can book a cruise hotel stay, transfers and sightseeing tours to enhance your clients’ vacation.

• Hosted travel. With over 600 group cruises sailing around the world, your client will enjoy a full time host as well as a private, free shore excursion on every sailing.

By 2012, 37 new cruise ships will hit the waters. Research also told you 34 million Americans plan on cruising over the next three years. Your head starts to spin as you read further:

We offer unique benefits to our franchise owners.

• Highest commission levels in the industry

• Turn-key, award winning marketing and advertising programs

• Lead generation and website programs

• Enormous buying power and group inventory

• CPU — our continuous training program

• Proprietary accounting and customer management software

• Dedicated support staff

Best yet, Cruise Planners/American Express reflects the home-based businesses as a “family affair” with over 725 units already going full steam ahead.

The training begins with a comprehensive 6-day program in Ft. Lauderdale, FL., in the heart of the cruise industry. They have a strong commitment to training and continuing education with the launch of our CP University Program. CPU helps franchise owners maximize sales and manage their franchises more effectively. It features comprehensive curriculum covering marketing, advertising, product updates, technology, group and individual sales, web marketing and more.

You recapped all the information your researched… “#one Travel Agency, American Express Partner, Travel Benefits, Training and Continued Education on the Business, Home-based business, Yearly Convention and Networking opportunities with other business owners, Family oriented, Perks for travel, and the most important of all, a low investment of $10,000…”

However, they usually say, when something looks too good to be true, it USUALLY is, so you decided to call Dan Hicks, VP of Franchising for Cruise Planners/American Express and ask him personally, “Mr. Hicks, I’ve read all about this fantastic opportunity, can you REALLY, “show me the Money?”

Mr. Hicks, immediately recognizing the term from the Jerry McGuire movie, answered in kind, “I’ve got your Quan.”

After speaking to Mr. Hicks at length, you decided to go into the Cruise Planners/American Express home-based business and actually became as successful as a movie star!

“Here’s looking at you kid!”  

(So you don’t have to look it up…Quan…means – Caring, Excellence, and Success, and as Tidwell says,” love, respect, community and the dollars too. The entire package!”)