Entrepreneur Features Cruise Planners Military Veteran during Veterans Small Business Week

Posted on: November 8, 2018

Cruise Planners franchise owner Charles Russell shares with Entrepreneur how the Cruise Planners playbook helped him double his business


Cruise Planners is a big supporter of the brave individuals who set out to protect our country, and this National Veterans Small Business Week, we celebrate and honor our veteran-owned franchise businesses. Military veterans have made fearless sacrifices and continually inspire Americans. We are immensely proud of the many veterans and military family members who are part of the Cruise Planners community.

The veterans in the Cruise Planners Family are determined and devoted individuals who have chosen to transition from their military service into entrepreneurship. Cruise Planners’ very own Charles “Russ” Russell, a retired Air Force nurse, shares with Entrepreneur Magazine readers how he built a successful business with Cruise Planners. Russ began his travel professional career in 2013 and quickly found his stride in the travel industry, doubling his business not once, but twice in 2014 and 2015. “We’re used to finding ways to work within the system,” he says. “And that’s all a franchise is: It’s a system.”

Cruise Planners knows the importance of veterans coming back home and adjusting to the civilian lifestyle, which is why Cruise Planners proudly offers retired or active military members and their immediate families the Armed Forces and First Responders Initiative Program to help them get started in the travel industry.

Michelle Fee, Cruise Planners CEO and founder also adds to Entrepreneur on how the Armed Forces and First Responders Initiative Program makes a difference on vet franchisees with the reductions and discounts. “It’s an incredible model,” says Fee. “People are making great money doing business out of the bedroom at home.”

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