2018 is the Year for the MOST Cruise Ships Ever Built, and the right time to Start a Travel Franchise!

A Recent Study Shows Increasing Interest in Sailing the Ocean Blue, and Why There’s No Better Time Than Now for You to Become a Travel Franchisee

Carnival Horizon (April 2018)

Are you a travel enthusiast? Are you simply wanting to be your own boss and work from home? No matter your motivation, now is the time to catch the wave of excitement in the travel industry! 2018 is making waves BIG TIME with the MOST, new cruise ships released by major cruise lines. Approximately 27.2 million passengers are expected to cruise this year alone, according to a recent Cruise Lines International Association study. The current travel trends are also indicating that the number of cruisers are on the rise as more people seek new and different experiences at sea. Cruise Planners® gives you an inside look at some of the ships coming to a sea near you, and why starting a travel franchise in 2018 is the right time.

So, what’s the scoop?
Michelle Fee, Cruise Planners® CEO and Founder, sat down with leaders throughout the cruise industry for individual interviews uncovering the latest on each of these highly anticipated, new ships. The cruising industry is thriving and cultivating more unique and immersive attractions.

Hear what they had to say about their “big ship reveals” through the links below:

  • Symphony of the Seas (March 2018) ––Did someone wish for a Royal Genie? Royal Caribbean exec, Vicki Freed dishes on exclusive details.
  • Carnival Horizon (April 2018) ­­–– Carnival Cruise Line’s “really big baby” is making its debut and Adolfo Perez of Carnival Cruise Line shares the inside scoop!
  • Norwegian Bliss (June 2018) –– Camille Olivere of Norwegian Cruise Lines Michelle Fee, discussing whales, race cars and Jersey Boys, oh my!
  • MSC Seaside (June 2018) –– is a sun-lover’s paradise. Check out the exclusive interview with Senior VP of Sales, Joe Jiffo.
  • Celebrity Edge (December 2018) ––it’s EDGY! We have the exclusive on Infinite Verandas, the Magic Carpet and more with Senior VP of Sales, Trade Support and Service Dondra Ritzenthaler.
  • MS Nieuw Statendam (December 2018) ––Arts and music come alive on this ship! Find out more from Eva Jenner of Holland America Lines in this exclusive interview.

So, what does this mean for Travel Agents?
Approximately 27 ships will make their entrance into continental waters in 2018. This will include an array of ocean, river and specialty cruise ships that just may be a match made in heaven for your next travel client. With this news, more ships mean more options for cruisers. With all of these superb additions, deciding which ship is right for a cruiser may get confusing. That’s where travel agents come in.

Consumers will be looking for more opportunities to book their next vacation through friendly, knowledgeable and specialized independent travel agents who have the exciting opportunity to play matchmaker for their clients, pairing them with the perfect cruise ship that matches their unique needs and travel personality. This ultimately means more sales for travel agents, now and returning clients in the future. With so many new and innovative cruise ships on the seas, travel agents will be there source for the latest information in travel and Cruise Planners® gives our travel agents the training and travel agent certifications they will need to be the best travel agent possible, no travel industry experience required!

Ride the wave by joining our winning team and fire your boss today and join us for a free travel franchise webinar, to find out how to become a travel agent today.

Are You a Travel Enthusiast? Turn Your Side Hustle into a Rewarding Travel Agent Career

Cruise Planners® Turns Frequent Hobbyists into
Hi-Touch, Travel-Experts Through Award-Winning
Training and Business Development Solutions

Cruise Planners® Turns Frequent Hobbyists into Hi-Touch, Travel-Experts Through Award-Winning Training and Business Development Solutions

Cruise Planners®, an American Express Travel Representative ranked the No. 1 travel franchise 15 years running in Entrepreneur magazine, has successfully turned people with a passion for travel into truly, independent travel agents for nearly 25 years. What may start out as a part-time side hustle for some often proves lucrative enough for independent travel agents to transition to being a travel agent full-time.

“Cruise Planners® attracts those who have a passion for travel and who are already planning vacations and advising others of where to go,” said Vicky Garcia, COO and co-owner of Cruise Planners®, an American Express Travel Representative. “Vacation planning comes naturally for some, because they love the creativity behind designing itineraries or the challenge of finding the best value. How cool is it to turn your talent for planning vacations into a side hustle and start earning money for it?”

Being a travel planner allows you to make extra cash with work-from-home flexibility, setting you up to follow your travel passion and eventually quit your day job. Some of the benefits of joining a travel agency franchise such as Cruise Planners® include:

  • Travel Perks: Gain access to travel agent rates and familiarization trips so you can practice what you preach: traveling!
  • Flexibility: Work from home, on the road or anywhere in the world you have internet access.
  • Technology: Cruise Planners’ innovative technology means you can be high-tech even if you’re not the most technologically savvy.

The most successful Cruise Planners® agents love what they do, viewing travel planning not as work but rather a way to turn a hobby of traveling into a career they can use to bring excitement into the lives of others.

“I had the passion of travel in my blood and I knew I could provide innovative solutions that are relevant to anyone who wanted to see the world,” said Michael Graham, Cruise Planners® franchise owner, Myrtle Beach, S.C., “I also knew I wasn’t going to be able to make this work alone. I needed a respected travel franchise that matched my spirit of innovation and that is Cruise Planners®.” 

Michael Graham, Cruise Planners® franchise owner, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Michael Graham, Cruise Planners® franchise Travel Agency owner based in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in Antarctica.

“Cruise Planners® offers an award-winning training program designed to teach franchisees without previous travel industry experience how have them hit the ground selling all types of vacations,” Garcia said. “Our mission is to have fun, make money and deliver great service all while changing the travel world, so for all the travel dreamers out there, Cruise Planners® has what you need to succeed at the side hustle game.”  

Cruise Planners® has just the right tools you need to start a travel agency. Become your own boss today.

3 Reasons Why a Cruise Planners® Travel Agency is One of the Best Franchises to Own


Everyone is talking about Cruise Planners® and here’s 3 reasons why you should join our winning team.

1. A Low-Cost Franchise that is Affordable and Profitable

There are some ridiculous things $10,000 dollars can buy you, but investing in a low-cost franchise is an investment in you and your future. With a Cruise Planners franchise, you’ll receive onboarding and ongoing training, industry expertise, and a formulated system thats been designed for your success. Savvy entrepreneurs are looking to Cruise Planners for their career move, and FitSmallBusiness recently ranked us No.4 on their list of 21 Best Franchises Under $10K.

2. The Best Travel Agency Franchise, Period.

Cruise Planners’ business-in-a-box model is built around the success of our franchisees. Why? Because Cruise Planners was founded by travel agents for travel agents. Through years of experience, customized training and dedication, Cruise Planners has perfected the recipe for building a successful travel agency business from the ground up. MSN Money named Cruise Planners one of the “hottest travel businesses to franchise in America.”, find out more details on why we are the best travel agency franchise to own.

3. Must Have a Passion for Travel!

The most important part of making the Cruise Planners business model work, is YOU. No experience is necessary, simply bring your passion for travel and Cruise Planners provides you the tools you need. The Home Office Team is dedicated in bringing you the best training, coaching, business development, travel agent certification, marketing tools, technology and brand presence in the travel industry. Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what one of our top producing travel agents has to say about her journey in owning her very own travel franchise through Cruise Planners.

8 Intriguing Things to Think About on Your Way to Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent

Working from home, traveling the world and selling travel – sounds ideal, right

Working from home
, traveling the world and selling travel – sounds ideal, right? Well , it is! Here, we break down 8 fun-facts about being a home-based travel agent, what to look forward to as a travel entrepreneur and how you can get in on the action.

  1. If You Love Travel, Work Won’t Feel Like Work –You’ll need to travel, explore and tour products and destinations so you can best sell them. For example, it’s common for independent travel agents to go on FAMs, or familiarization trips, with other travel agents to learn, train and experience a new cruise ship, resort or new destination. Sounds like your dream job! Just remember: this is work! Once you become a travel agent, you’ll start to view every trip through the eyes of a travel agent and always think about which trip would be perfect for your clients, which is great for your travel agency franchise, but remember to be present and “vacation” when it’s actually time for your vacation.
  2. Say Goodbye to Your 9 to 5 – As a home-based travel agent, you’ll be able to choose your hours, but you’ll also have to be flexible. Clients may want to meet in the morning to discuss vacation plans or you may need to host a travel night in the evening. You’ll develop a schedule that works for you and be able to plan your days around important events your typical 9 to 5 may make you miss out on, such as watching the kids’ after-school activities or actually making it to happy hour before the specials end.
  3. Start with a Team that Offers the Right Support and Guidance– There are plenty of good franchises for sale, but you should join a team that is like a family. Of course, many entrepreneurs want to go it alone, but how can one person be a marketing team, technology team, digital marketer and a sales person while constantly growing their business? There is just no way to focus on all of these tasks successfully and maintain strong customer service. A franchise business model provides you all of the support of a business-in-a-box, so you can focus on what’s important–selling.
  4. Your Office Space, Your Clothing Taste– OK, maybe you already knew there wasn’t a dress code when you work-from-home and for some people, waking up and getting right to work allows them to get the most out of their day. This extra time in the morning gives you time to hit the gym, enjoy your coffee without being rushed and relax as you plan your goals for the day. There are also studies that show getting dressed makes you more productive––to each their own. That’s the beauty of being your own boss, you make the rules.
  5. People Love to Take Vacations – Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) reported that more than 11 million Americans cruised in 2016 and that demand for cruising is steadily increasing. With more than 20 new cruise ships debuting in 2018, there’s plenty of cabins to fill and you have the job of filling them!
  6. Millennials Are Most Likely to Use Travel Agents – Surprisingly, millennials are almost twice as likely to use a travel agent as Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, according to a 2017 MMGY Global study. That doesn’t mean that Baby Boomers don’t still dominate the largest share of travel agent clients – they’re still a huge force to be marketed to!
  7. You Don’t Need Travel Industry Experience – If you’re new to the travel industry, you’ll be in the majority: 85% of Cruise Planners® franchisees come from outside the travel industry. Cruise Planners® hosts a 6-day in-person training to get new travel agents up to speed on all things travel. We offer online travel agent courses in the form of webinars to help your business grow. The benefit? You’ll learn from the ground up as you train with experts in the field.
  8. Awards Matter – Don’t you want to be a part of a company that earns the highest travel commissions because they are one of the most respected in the travel industry? How about a team that is one of the low-cost franchises with a highly valued training system? Check out our complete list of travel, franchise, business and even social giving awards – many we have earned year after year! The list continues to grow.

Cruise Planners® offers you the training, support, technology and marketing you need to get started as a home-based travel agent. Ready to be your own boss?

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