INC Magazine lists Cruise Planners 5 Years in a Row

Cruise Planners remains the ONLY travel franchise on INC’s 5000 list year after year

Each year, Cruise Planners continues to grow and catch the eye of travel brands and business brands. Not only is Cruise Planners the #1 travel franchise according to Entreprenuer magazine, it also remains the ONLY travel franchise on INC’s 5000 list year after year.

This is a nationwide ranking of all business models, not just franchises so a true nod to the successful business model that Cruise Planners has designed. And Cruise Planners has ranked as high as #3,671. This is all thanks to our legacy of providing people with a passion for travel a low-cost franchise that can yield high returns.

With Cruise Planners mobile technology, you can run your own travel agency business from anywhere. Best of all, owning a Cruise Planners franchise requires no travel experience. Our home-based business model has travel agency franchise owners in all 50 states and trains you to be a travel professional selling all vacations – not just cruises. To learn more about what makes Cruise Planners stand out and why you would want to invest in a Cruise Planners franchise, check out our listing on Inc.

Best Reasons to Become a Travel Agent and Take on the World

Your clients aren’t the only ones who get to have all the fun when you’re a travel agent, you do too. With all of the travel agent training provided by Cruise Planners, travel experience isn’t required to become a Cruise Planners travel agent franchise owner, but firsthand travel experience will help you stay at the top of your game.

Best Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

Not only is traveling one of the best reasons to become a travel agent, it’s also much more affordable for you as a travel agent. So, what are some of the travel perks associated with being a travel agent?

  1. FAM Trips: Familiarization trips (known as FAMs) are one of the best ways to dive into your new career as a travel agent. On these trips, you’ll usually travel with the travel partner to a resort, destination or on a tour as you learn more about the product and how to sell it to your client. You may pick up a few tips that turn you into an expert along the way, such as what is it really like to travel on an escorted tour or what the difference is between all the room categories at an all-inclusive resort.
  2. Travel Discounts: As a Cruise Planners travel agent, you’ll be able to make hotel reservations, go on cruises, pre-arrange airport parking, visit theme parks and so much more for reduced rates or sometimes even totally for free. Often times you’ll earn these perks after completing a travel partner’s training, which gives you a ton of information you’ll use to sell that product. These discounts are a way for brands to say “thank you” while also helping you experience the product. The more you sell, the more you may earn.
  3. Elite Summit Trips: At Cruise Planners, your success doesn’t go unnoticed. We invite our Top Producing travel agents on Elite Summit trips each year. In 2018, travel agents traveled with CEO Michelle Fee and COO Vicky Garcia, along with travel industry partners, to Machu Picchu and Cancun, Mexico.
  4. Top Producing travel agents trip to Machu Picchu

  5. Cruise Planners Convention: We make sure our travel agent convention and conferences have some travel experience – and of course, a lot of fun – packed in. In 2017, we hosted Convention in Cancun, Mexico at an all-inclusive resort, reaffirming our prowess in land travel, and in 2018, we sailed on the inaugural of the Norwegian Bliss for Mid-Year Conference and we’ll sail on the inaugural of the Celebrity Edge in December of Convention.
  6. Trainings and Forums: Trainings aren’t just all learning and no play, they’re actually a great way to connect with peers and travel partners, learning about a world of travel possibilities and experience a new destination. Cruise Planners travel agents attend annual trainings such as CLIA Cruise 360 and the American Express Forum.

You may be asking, “With all this travel, how will I run my travel agency business while on the go?” Well, thanks to Cruise Planners proprietary travel technology, you can work from anywhere, so you can assist your travel clients and manage your business while sipping a daiquiri from your resort balcony in Mexico or anywhere your travels may take you.

Find out how to start a travel agency franchise with Cruise Planners®, an American Express Travel Representative, and make your travel dreams come true.

How National Press Drives Lead Generation for Travel Agents

If you know about Cruise Planners, you know that we’re the #1 Travel Franchise as ranked by Entrepreneur year after year. Entrepreneurs don’t just love our franchise model, they also love our network of franchisees which is why they recommend Cruise Planners agents to those looking for full-service travel needs.

Lead Generation for Travel Agents

Driving Leads to Travel Franchise Agents

At Cruise Planners, we make sure people around the country know that Cruise Planners travel agents are the best through proactive media efforts that get the Cruise Planners name in front of potential travel clients through sources such as The New York Times. All of this positive press coverage drives leads to our travel franchise agents, as we don’t book travel through corporate Cruise Planners office. The corporate Cruise Planners home office team is setup to support our franchise owners.

Lead Generation Feature for Travel Agents

Our corporate site,, is designed with a lead generation feature for travel agents, so potential travel clients can find local travel agents by name, location, or even language preference.

Get More Info about Lead Generation for Travel Agents

To stay in the know on all Cruise Planners’ latest press coverage, follow our Facebook page, you may also contact us about travel agency franchise information.

How Cruise Planners Boosts Travel Agents’ Sales Through Lead Generation

Cruise Planners’ corporate website offers travelers an easier way to plan travel and find a local a travel agent to book travel. is designed to be the go-to for travelers around the country seeking travel information and looking to connect with a professional travel advisor to book their vacation, group travel, resort & hotel vacation, destination wedding, and many other vacation ideas. Since Cruise Planners does not book travel at its corporate office, all website visitors and leads are directed towards travel agents that have invested in a Cruise Planners travel agency franchise.

find a local a travel agent

Lead Generation for Travel Agents

“ was designed to showcase the travel advisor services that are offered by our franchisees, highlighting that our full-service travel agency’s sell all types of vacation experiences," said Michelle Fee, CEO and co-owner of Cruise Planners.

Features of the website include:

  • Lead-generating opportunities for travel franchise owners. The lead generating process uses geotargeting to match travel clients with the right travel advisor, based on the agents’ current online availability. These hot travel leads include details of the trip clients have searched for and selected, allowing agents to close the sale quicker.
  • Agent profile listings. All agents can customize their travel agent profile page on the corporate website, increasing Cruise Planners’ local search visibility using geotargeting technology.
  • Exclusive travel deals. Now more prominent, the weekly travel deals featured on the website are exclusive Cruise Planners offerings such as added or upgraded amenities and reservation discounts not available through other online travel retailers.
  • SEO-rich text. The SEO content helps drive web traffic for all target markets including travel consumers and those looking for information regarding travel agent services.

“The main benefit of the new site is the convenience of immediately connecting travelers with the right travel advisor,” Fee said. “Consumers want an on-demand way of making a human connection, which results in superior service – this helps bridge the high-tech world with the human touch that can only come from a personal travel advisor.”

Once a traveler has started working with a Cruise Planners travel agent, technology continues to play an important role. For example, agents will be able to send their clients digital trip summaries within minutes of connecting with them, simplifying the process of booking family vacations, group travel, weddings, corporate travel or even weekend getaways. 

"Cruise Planners always creates the best tools with the travel advisors and travelers in mind,” said Monica Brown, franchise owner based in Bradenton, Florida. “Enhancing the corporate site can increase the amount of leads we receive as franchise owners and I look forward to helping grow my travel client base."

Become a Travel Agency Owner

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s interested in starting your own company, without the hassles and obstacles that most small business owners face, Cruise Planners is the opportunity for you. Get more information on our low cost franchise opportunity where you make the hours, you make the decisions, you make the money, and you control your life! Join us for one of our free upcoming travel agency webinars.