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Dan Chiafair

Franchise Sales Specialist Crown King 16 years in Franchise Sales & Development. Former Publisher of Rolling Stone and held executive positions with Esquire magazine and GQ. Also held marketing positions with Procter & Gamble, Heublin, Block Drug and Segrams email Hobbies: Horses, travel, movies, and target shooting Favorite Vacation Spot: Tahiti and any other […]

Diane Chiafair

Franchise Sales Specialist Princess Di 26 years in the travel industry, retired VP of Franchise Development with Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, former Director with CruiseOne, and previous travel agency owner. email Hobbies: Equestrian, travel, vegetable gardening, baking Favorite Vacation Spot: Tahiti, St. Lucia, West Indies, and Whale Cay Bahamas Bucket List: […]

Meche Roeder

Franchise Coordinator Mechita 15 years in the travel industry and former Franchise Manager with CruiseOne. email Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, bowling, watching Brazilian soap operas Favorite Vacation Spot: Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast in the company of a fine glass of red vino Bucket List: To go to Paris, Switzerland, Moscu, and Berlin Cruisitude™: Love […]

Susan Speranza

Franchise Coordinator Suzy Q email Hobbies: Seeing a good movie, watching football, crocheting, shopping, and being a personal shopper for Eileen in accounting Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere I can have fun and enjoy myself Bucket List: To go on a Mediterranean cruise and go to Tahiti or Hawaii Cruisitude™: Visiting places that I have […]