Best Work at Home Jobs for Retirees

Great Work at Home Jobs for Retirees

Choose a work from home job that offers freedom and flexibility with no experience needed

Are you looking for a work from home job that will allow you to stay active while doing something you love, but on your own terms, and also allow you to travel? Becoming a Cruise Planners travel agent is an ideal work from home opportunity for retirees or those preparing for retirement – and you don’t even need prior travel experience to get started.

Retiree Work at Home Job Opportunity

Being a Cruise Planners travel advisor is both a rewarding and fun job, allowing retirees to earn an additional income while helping travelers make their vacation dreams a reality. Best of all, you’ll get to travel too, and with Cruise Planners’ technology, you can run your business from anywhere. You can even choose to have your work at home job be part-time, full-time or just a hobby.

Rick and Alison work their Cruise Planners travel agency as a team and are living the dream as they run their business on the go – or by the pool!

For Sue Palenik, a layoff meant finding a new career after 50 and also the chance to make a living doing something she loves. Best of all, the flexibility of owning a Cruise Planners travel franchise has allowed her to take her travel agency business with her as she relocated to be closer to her new granddaughter.


Learn more about why owning a Cruise Planners travel franchise is the right fit for retirees by scheduling a call with one of a Cruise Planners’ Franchise Development Managers.

Travel Agency Franchise Webinars

Find out what makes owning a Cruise Planners franchise one of the best Stay-at-Home Jobs for Moms and Dads. Checkout one of our upcoming franchise webinars, find out about travel agent trainings, and learn how to open a travel agency.


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