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Independent Travel Agent vs Travel Agent Franchise

Should I Become an Independent Travel Agent?Independent Travel Agent

Becoming an independent travel agent requires a lot of footwork and wearing various hats. As an independent travel agent, you’ll have to handle running your own business, operations, marketing, administration, customer service, marketing, all while juggling clients at the same time. The process of maintaining an independent travel agency can be a daunting and exhausting one, as travel agents are in the business of meeting people in order to build their clientele. Having an automated system to keep lines of communication open between the travel agent and his/her clients is paramount. But such an automated system can at times be too expensive for an independent travel agent that has just open his or her’s travel agency. Join our travel franchise webinar!

Becoming an independent travel agent comes with many challenges over time. Going into any business for self will result in the same or even greater challenges depending on the industry. Independent travel agents usually have to figure things out on their own, which can lead to costly mistakes over time. But wait, there’s an option to being an independent travel agent owner, all while having the support so you can have the time to make money.

Become a Travel Agent Franchise Owner

There are many benefits beyond working from home when you own a Cruise Planners travel franchise. Many challenges and pitfalls that independent travel agents experience are neutralized by becoming a travel franchise owner with Cruise Planners. Travel franchise owners have the backing of an entire Home Office team (Information Technology, Marketing, Business Development), as well as a strong brand that’s been around for more than 20 years. Cruise Planners is also a travel representative of American Express Travel, which gives instant credibility to new and experienced travel agents. The success rate of Cruise Planner travel agents in theory would be way higher than that of an independent travel agent who has to take on several different roles to run a successful travel business. By opening a travel agency through Cruise Planners, you are guaranteed proper travel education, training, and licensing to take your travel business to the next level.

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