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There Are Many Target Audiences for Travel Agencies

  Marketing your Travel Agency to your Target Audience When starting a travel agency, getting and retaining travel clients and making travel bookings takes work. The more effort you put into marketing your travel agency to your target audience, the higher the success rate and profit margins will be. Everyone around the world was most […]


Summertime is a great time frame to gear up ways to promote your travel agency business both online and offline. Here are some additional tips for travel agency franchise owners to promote their Cruise Planners franchise offline. Collateral Materials: Print your URL and email address on all of your collateral materials, including letterhead, stationary, and envelopes, business […]


 The concept of Franchising is over 150 years old. The legal terms of franchising is defined by two definitions…one, a company provides the rights to sell products or services in a specific territory. Secondly, franchise refers to a two-party contract offered by a chain, and gives rights to operate as an outlet in a particular […]

Should Business Owners Do Their Own Taxes?

    People in business are pretty savvy with numbers, but do they know enough to do their business taxes?  They  know all about contracts, investments, and deductions.  Yet, are they are smart about the Law regarding taxes in business?  Knowledgeable enough to know the laws, keep updated on new ones and how your personal […]