5 Questions to Ask

Benefits of Starting a Travel Agency Franchise

Looking for a host agency?

Here are five great questions to ask when starting a travel agency franchise.

1. Technology

  1. Is there a fee?
  2. A lead generation program?
  3. Help make you a cruise agency player?
  4. Own a travel agency website with your domain name or a locate a travel agent page on the corporate Cruise Planners Travel Agency website?

2. Strong Marketing Programs

  1. What types are available?
  2. Are there turn-key programs?
  3. Is there a cost? (should be minimal or no cost)
  4. Are there multiple customer touch points like print-on-demand, direct mail and online options?

3. Home Office Support and Training

  1. How many Home Office members are there to support you, resolve issues and help grow your business?
  2. Do they offer continuing education programs from subject matter experts, private coaching sessions and on-demand training?
  3. Can you experience and learn with your peers on seminars at sea?
  4. Is there an annual convention with cruise line executives, trade shows and camaraderie amongst your peers?

4. Does the host compete with you? What is the membership size?

  1. Does the corporate company/host agency sell direct to customers? Beware, your list can get into the wrong hands.
  2. Do you own your customer list?
  3. Are there thousands of travel agents? Make sure you’re not a number. However, you don’t want to join a small host or you won’t be able to play with the big guys.

5. Do you have local cruise line support?

  1. A host should allow you access to your local DSM.
  2. Take advantage of local co-op dollars and representation at local functions.
  3. Create relationships to build your business.

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