Cruisitude in the Air at Cruise Planners’ Travel Advisor Open House

Travel Advisors Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Where the Magic Happens

In the spirit of growth and collaboration, Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, recently held a open house for its franchise owners at its freshly-unveiled corporate headquarters. The new office, which welcomed more than 200 of Cruise Planners’ home-based travel advisors, was built to support the company’s growing, nationwide network of franchise owners. The invitation was extended to the entire network of Cruise Planners’ franchise owners with some traveling across the country to attend.

Michelle Fee, CEO and Founder of Cruise Planners

“We’re tremendously proud of all of our home-based travel advisors, and we’re so grateful to those who were able to come out to experience our open house,” said Michelle Fee, CEO and founder of Cruise Planners. “This office serves as the command center for all that we do to help our agents succeed, so having them visit our new headquarters helps them build connections with our Home Office Team who they’ll continue to work with as they grow their travel businesses.”

Cruise Planners headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida

Agents who attended the open house toured the Google-inspired office, seeing firsthand the Cruisitude in the different departments at Cruise Planners and taking a closer look at the work that goes into building the tools, technology and partnerships that provide the foundations for their businesses. Some agents in attendance have been with Cruise Planners since its inception 25 years ago, while others just joined months ago. But no matter how long they’ve been in the CP Family, everyone enjoyed mingling time with the Home Office Team and the executive team.

“Having the Home Office Team behind you makes you feel like you’re part of a huge company even though you’re running a small business, so it frees up the worries that you might have about having an accounting team, a marketing team and technology team, because Home Office does all of that for us,” said Andrea Campbell, a Cruise Planners travel agent. “It frees us up to spend our time working with the clients, building those relationships and giving us the ability to spend more time doing what we love – which is planning travel.”

Cruise Planners franchise owners at Travel Advisor Open House

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