cpCruise Planners is happy to announce a new marketing strategy. We will stop adding information about our products, deals, franchises, education and business opportunities on our website and move into a more sound and effective way of marketing by using the every popular, Direct Mail Services.

This idea was perpetrated by the fact that clients may just ignore the website and all the news we provide, but they won’t want to miss the opportunity to have the material directly in their hands via the mail. We find that it will not only be more effective in advertising our products, fast delivery means you will have it in hand within a couple weeks from the time it is mailed.  You will no longer have to bother with SPAM growing in your personal online mail system. No more unwanted emails. No more spam or sales pitches that you ignore.

Join the fight against technology burnout and mail those Sales Pitches!   WARNING!!   Yours is in the mail today!