Go ahead, try to find a picture for your blog of a man yawning at his computer, and you guessed it, YOU start yawning! It’s called Daylight Savings Time and how it impacts your life, small business, health, body and (yawn) sleep!

Sunday, in many states – Daylight Savings Time went into effect. With all the new technology, most of the clocks changed automatically for users; however, for watches and any analog clocks, we had to set the time ourselves. (Yawn!)

It was Benjamin Franklin back in 1784 who proposed the change according to the Smithsonian Magazine. He noted that the most difficult time to adjust would be the first two or three days. (Yawn!)

The Uniform Time Act originated in 1966 when Congress standardized daylight saving time across the country so public transportation would not be affected by schedules.

Now a debate lingers as to the true benefits of the time change as far as if it indeed saves money, or if it is really just a money grabbing opportunity.
So, let’s get down to business. Yawn! How does it impact your business…for the good or bad?

Sleep specialist and psychologist wrote in an article that it is much easier to adjust in November when the clocks “fall back” then in the spring when the clocks “spring ahead”. Gaining an hour of sleep in the fall is a huge advantage.

There are some keys to dealing with the time change that will help you “yawn” less.

  •  Go to bed at the same time on the night the clocks change. If you find you sleep an extra hour in the morning, it is really an indication that you are sleep deprived.
  •  Start exposing yourself to more sun now. It will boost your mood, especially as the days tend to get gloomy as winter nears. A walk around the block, a breath of fresh air after your lunch break will energize you.
  •  Turn on a light around 4:00 p.m. for about 20 minutes. I will help you as you start dragging down at that time.

These little “tips” will help you adjust to the time change…not to mention if you are in the American Express Cruise Planners business, you will feel energetic as you plan that vacation to another time zone;  there, it is not only sunshine, water and a fun ship, but as you work your at-home business you are making the money for that time-change vacation!