Are you aware that “small talk” can either make or break your potential for gaining that new customer?

The first few minutes into a conversation are crucial to grabbing that opportunity to make the sale. Once you have the technique down to approach anyone and turn it into a business opportunity, it will solidify your potential for business success.

Dead-end conversation happen when you talk about trivial things that quickly bores the other. The weather is a dead-end topic because it only allows for a very short conversation, never opening the door to expand into deeper topics that can start a relationship.

An example of open-ended conversations that can continue the dialogue might be:

Him: “Did you take the metro today?” (Now, watch the flow of this conversation as it gently gets around to the topic you want to introduce).

You: “Oh, I take the train a two or three times a week; it depends on where I meet my clients.”

Him: “I see, well – I take it every-day because my business involves no traveling and my attendance is required to support my staff”.

You: You’re lucky because on the days I do travel, there is the chance of fighting traffic, although it is rare because I mainly work from home”.

Him: “Really? What type of business allows you to work from home and at times require travel? (this segues into talking about the business)

You: “Oh, I have my own business…and the travel is part of the perks! It is called Cruise Planners American Express. It is a franchise that I bought several years ago and I just love the work, the training from Cruise Planners University and the traveling to exotic places I get to do.”

Him: “Cruise Planners American Express…does that mean you are affiliated with the American Express Company?” (Another segues into Brands and more explanation of the business).

You: “Yes, we are partner with the Brand American Express and it opens all kinds of doors for my business and for the travelers who like discounts, trusted brands, and basically, a way to own your own business and work from home”. (Another segues!)

This conversation, starting with small talk, just allowed you to meet a potential customer, invite his interest in the franchise business, and introduced to him the training, brand, perks and the possibilities of working at home…in one conversation. Even if he is all setup in his own lifework, he can consider CP for future retirement, take advantage as a customer for booking travel, and he has a multitude of friends, relatives etc., and YOU just landed the potential for a LOT more business!