As we honor all the men and women that either have served or are serving our country now, let us give a special nod to our veterans on Veteran’s Day. Let us look at some historical facts about Veteran’s Day. In the United States, Veterans Day fall on November 11 each year.

That date denotes the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. People observe Veterans with parades and church services, and homes and building are waving the flags in memorial for those who died in that war. However, as more and more men/women gave up their life in other wars and in other countries, the celebration took on a widespread effort of honoring all military veterans.

The country started “giving back” in ways they could by providing special services or discounts from products, sales, and health agencies. The veterans were recognized for their services for monetary breaks on housing and education, and in hospitals or transportation efforts.
Businesses soon took on the observance of helping our armed services and assisted with employment, jobs, or support of the vet.

Cruise Planners American Express was just such an agent that provided opportunities to those in the military.

Here are the offers sponsored by Cruise Planners American Express:

• Offers Discounted Franchise Fee
• Offers other franchise fees discounts to Military Veterans Franchisees.
• Provides a Website with a dedicated Military Recruitment Page
• Implemented Programs for Educating and Recruiting Veteran
• Financing Assistance to Military Veteran Franchisees
• Assistance when a Franchisee is called up for Guard or Reserve Duty
• Considered a portable home-based business

More than 86 franchisee-owned outlets are identified as military veteran-owned. There is also free airfare to attend training in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. $500 marketing credit, and a couple of months free website support.

Top that with Assistance to military veteran franchises In-House financing up to 50% of the franchise fee.

A big honor salute to all of our veterans, military and their families, along with the promise that your dedication, and protection by fighting for our freedom will be rewarded two-fold by those who make America the great country it is. We fight wars, and we fight any obstacles that stunt our growth, freedom, or capacity for opportunities that make our country the dream that our ancestors provided for us.

A Salute to the Veterans on this day!