Janice Sinardi

I know that if I really need that connection, I have a family back at Home Office.

Janice’s Story – Janice Sinardi had a travel industry background, but after she retired she got bored and was looking to fulfill her passion for travel. She knew immediately that Cruise Planners-American Express was a great fit and she’s now enjoying her second career. She’s provided with the marketing tools and technology she needs, but more importantly, Home Office support.

Janice retired after a career as a cruise line representative. But her passion for travel made her yearn to get back in the game.

She knew Cruise Planners was a perfect fit. Now she’s having fun and gets what she needs from Home Office to be successful. For Janice, this is her second career, but she’s having more fun than ever before. She’s meeting new people and fulfilling her dreams of travel.