Have you ever noticed that the seasons always call for some change? For New Years, we usually make resolutions that we are determined to keep. For the winter, we usually make sure we have wood stacked for cold weather fires in the fireplace, and warm soups on the stove. Summer is always about change as we choose where we want to enjoy our family or singles vacations. So, Spring has sprung, Easter is around the corner, and it is time to do some cleanup of our small businesses too.

Not that we have survived the hard rains, storms and tornadoes, and snow, people are heading outside to refresh and renew. Cleaning out the cobwebs out of your business can be incentive for new business, fresh ideas and renewed interest in your business.

So, let’s start right there at home. While the Mrs.(or Mr). is cleaning rugs, shampooing furniture, washing windows and dusting ceilings. Start to de-clutter the home office. Clean the bookshelves and storage closet Go through your files and take out inactive ones to make room for new ones. Need a new and brighter paint? Now is the time to do it. Your surroundings area is very important to your morale and incentive to be professional.

What about your planning? Plan ahead: Spring is also a good time to get ahead of projects. Make a list of the ones you would like to get done in the next six months or before the end of the year. Prioritize them. Write them down. Put them on the white board. I recently read about the planning strategy of one very successful executive, and it’s to ‘have a long-term strategy and goal in mind, and then work backwards from there.’

Planning ahead can also involve thinking ahead to summer. Make sure you build in some time off, and while you’re at it, consider some fun things you could do with your employees in the summer, or some ways to give them a little extra time off during the warmer months.

Make a commitment to improve your social networking a few hours a week for a few months. Keep up with the latest social media…it is an IMPOIRTANT part of your business.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for help around spring-cleaning time—Virtual Assistants are at home businesses too and they are always looking to assist for a reasonable feel. Search the websites for a Virtual Assistant Organization.
Now you feel energized and are ready to get down to business and bring on those new clients. You yourself, could take your Spring Break first however, call Cruise Planners American Express and book a cruise.