Three Norwegian Cruise Line Ships will be on a new Lifetime Channel Reality series.

Do not miss Tuesday’s airing of, Love for Sale at 10:00 p.m. EST. Yes, you guessed it, a dating reality show that focuses on men and women meeting each other as they cruise to romantic places.

It will begin with the participants going to parties on the Norwegian ships and the cruise directors of the series will help with matching couples up. Once a couple click, on-board dates, parties, and excursions in ports of call follow it up. There will be eight shows in the series.

The show will give us glimpses of the Bahamas, Grand Cayman Islands, and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Now THIS would be a safe way to meet singles who are tired of bar scenes and on-line dating. Of course, I hope we do not witness an obnoxious person being thrown overboard in the series. No such things happen on a Romantic Norwegian Cruise Line, so there is no place for it on a cruise reality show.

Think about this…where else can you meet between 4,100 men or woman in one place that is huge such as the newest ship, the Norwegian Epic?  If that is too big for you, the Norwegian Pearl holds 2,394 passengers and the Norwegian Star another 2,348 passengers.  This is it…this is the BIG Lottery at Sea.

Word is out that they will show normally “off limit” areas of the ship where the women on the show will stay at the Haven by Norwegian Suite complexes. You also get to drool over the spas, pool area, and then go for a drink, (virtually) – to the lounges.

In other ship news, Kiss, Smooch, Smooch is back! The KISS rock group sails in October from Miami and will stop in Bermuda at Great Stirrup Cay. Fans will get to mingle with the stars, attend concerts, have a Halloween party, but KISS does not need costumes…and enjoy activities with them…even have photos taken with them.

The cruise also will feature performances by Big Rock Show, Radiolucent, and Yacht Rock Revue. Fares start at $750 per person, based on double occupancy.

Not wanting to leave out any Big Band Fans, there ARE cruises that host the bands of yesterday as well. There are so many fun cruises to choose from…just call Cruise Planners/American Express, and they will help you decide if you should go to Kiss or Sail Away with Blue Eyes from New York, New York!