When it comes to owning a franchise, many women have more advantages to investing in the business and obtaining financing. Even though purchasing a Cruise Planners/American Express Franchise is under $10,000, single independent woman may need financing or even “extra” money to put into their business expenses.

The good news is that it is not that difficult for a woman to get financing for a startup franchise.

There are many options to choose from when researching financing for small businesses:

  1. Loans for minorities and women
  2. National Organization of Women Business Owners
  3. Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence – offers micro loans from $500-$10,000 for women.


  1. The Woman’s Financial Fund – offers up to $5,000 dollars in startup grants
  2. American Association of University Women offers $12,000 in startup monies.

There are other options available as well, such as home equity loans, second mortgage, or using your 401 K retirement monies. However, home equity loans and second mortgages might be risky for such a small investment of under $10,000. Often, the availability of money to finance your franchise is right in your own area – your bank.

Being a female entrepreneur is not limited to single, professionals. Stay-at-Home Moms are a perfect fit for Cruise Planners /American Express want-a-be franchise women. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, (which ranks CP as the top franchise for 9 years in a row now) stated that Gen x moms are leading the home base business stats.

Mom can work from home, work around the kids, be her own boss, have flexibility in her time, and still earn a very good income with benefits. Moms can even involve Dads and make it a Mom & Pop business.

Call Dan Hicks at Cruise Planners/American Express and he will fill you in on all the exciting possibilities of a home-based business where the benefits are as good as the income generated. Oh yes, go to the staff page and see read about the CEO of Cruise Planners/American Express…you guessed it, a VERY successful woman and business entrepreneur.