Crystal Ball Around the World – Cruise Industry Predictions for 2012

  • There are indications of an increased demand for travel in the Cruise Industry.
  • There will be three new ships launching in 2012.
  • People will respond to New Ships, Package Deals and Cruise Incentives Offered
  • Cruise Planners will once again retain the Entrepreneur Award for the year.
  • Wave Season (first 3 months of 2012) will have strong bookings in first quarter
  • Franchises will be BIG this year, with lots of interested investors in the Cruise Industry buying in.
  • Cruise Planners will achieve an all-time high number of investors this year due to the low investment but High Demand of the Franchise
  • Forecast suggests that at-home businesses will rank high due to economy.
  • Blogs, Social Media, and Articles will increase this year and create growth for the Cruise Industry.

The BEST prediction for 2012 is that Cruise Planners/American Express will continue to provide the best service, customer retention, best deals, and continue the trend of being the BEST Franchise Opportunity, with the American Express Brand, Training that breeds success, and a team that takes pride in calling themselves #1.