While people like to think up resolutions for New Years, it has been  suggested that “goals” are more appropriately set to guide us towards success – more so than resolve.

“Goals” sound like a word that denotes happy or successful…where “Resolutions” appear to be an anchor pulling our energy from success and does not often last for more than a couple of weeks. However, when you have a goal…you know you are in it for the long run and you will not quit until that race has been won, the basket scored, or the field goal kicked.

Cruise Planners/American Express has many, many goals that you will witness repeatedly in this coming year.

While this list is far from all-inclusive, take a look at what is in store for you…Cruise Planners/American Express will:

• Suggest you try one of the brand new ships that will be surfacing this year.

• Help you find the best deal for your money, time, and budget.

• Lead you to that specific theme cruise you have on your bucket list to try.

• Proudly provide you with the continuous BEST SERVICE for which many rewards have demonstrated.

• Help newcomers plan their first trip and establish trust that will ensure their return.

• Introduce you to the various ships that provide you with top-notch service

• Help you plan where you want to go for that special family vacation.

• Will strive once again for the coveted Magellan Awards from Travel Weekly we will have won for the eighth   straight year.

• Will bring partner, wishes to many Brides and Grooms this upcoming year

• Will provide, train, and secure opportunities for you to invest in a Home Franchise Business at a continued low investment, high return offers.

There you have it…and this is just the beginning of our New Year’s Resolutions, which will solidify Cruise Planners/American Express, as the nation’s largest home-based travel agent franchise network in the cruise industry.

As the sands of time wash over the year 2011, may all our Patrons, Vendors, Agents, Staff, Partners, Cruise Ships, American Express Company and all of our loyal customers in the Cruise Industry, all have a very SAFE, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR in 2012.