“Dear Santa, “All I Want for Christmas…”

Dear Santa,

I promise I have been a very good boy this past year. My first wish list was very long

at first, and then I saw something I wanted more than anything else in the whole world.

Some of my 6th grade friends have gotten it, and said it is so cool. If you give me this

Santa, I promise I won’t ask for anything else! What I really, really, REALLY want for

my present is to go on a Disney Cruise! Any of the Disney ships will be fine, but the one

with the pirates would be the coolest.

My family has been Disney fans all their life Santa. Even my parents remember

something on black-and-white TV called, “The Mickey Mouse Club” with all these kids

called Mouseketeers. We have gone to Disneyland Parks two times already, and now I

cannot wait to go on a Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, or Disney Dream ship. My family

watched all the videos about Disney Magic; Dad showed us some websites of the Disney

Magic Cruises, and it just looks so, so cool.

I have been bugging my Mom & Dad for this for two years now, and I just have a feeling

Santa, that YOU will make my wish come true this year. My little sister and brother

want to go to, and they even have those Mickey Mouse Ears they wear all the time. I’m

a bit old for those ears, but that’s o.k… I’m into the pirate’s hat, Santa. Arrrrrgggghhhh.

If you don’t know where to get the tickets for the cruise, Santa, Mom and Dad call this

one place sometimes, called Cruise Planners/American Express. Mom & Dad said

whenever they go places and stuff, that they call them to help make the plans. So, Santa,

even though you are way up in the North Pole with all your elves, I think you can call

them for help…I heard they have special elves too who help make every kid’s dream

come true…by getting them tickets to Disney Magic or any other ship they want to go


Please, Please Santa, make my wish come true…make this the very bestest Christmas


Your friend,


P.S.  Here is the phone number of Cruise Planners/American Express I got out of my

Mom’s address book Santa, I know the elves there will help you. 954-840-0560.