Are you a risk taker?

Are you a risk taker? When is the last time you pushed your boundaries to find out what you are capable of doing?

How much of what you can really do is often limited and shows itself as denial, fear, going beyond your comfort zone, or just having the courage to try something new?

The most common word used to convey excuses is “BUT.”

“I could own my own business, BUT – I’m not rich enough”

“I like talking to people, BUT – I can’t sell them anything.”

“I could advertise, BUT – I’m not a writer or clever.”

“I have a small savings BUT do I dare risk it?”

“I don’t know anything about the Cruise Ship Industry”

There are thousands of “Buts” available as an excuse for fear.

The BEST way to conquer fear is to face it. Stare it down! Challenge it! DARE it!

The most important factor in conquering fear is to educate ourselves. Knowledge can alleviate fear. Even as a child, once your parents proved to you that the Boogie Man was not hiding in the closet or under the bed, you were no longer afraid to go to sleep at night. Once you learned that the creaking sound in your house was the shutter rattling from the wind, you no longer hid under the covers. Don’t worry, no one will tell that you STILL hide under the covers at the sound of very loud thunder…but even then, once you count the seconds between strikes and sounds, you realize it is going away and your fear subsides.

Now that we have discussed your realistic fears, let’s focus on the fears for getting into your own business by investing in the cruise ship industry.

1. “I could own my own business but I’m not rich enough.”

A. Can you get into any other business for less than $10,000 and travel too?

2. “I like talking to people but I can’t sell anything.”

A. You are not selling sweepers or get rich quick schemes…your selling them vacations which they plan to take each year anyway…they just need an experienced planner/agent/agency to help them so they get the best deals.

3. “I know nothing about the Cruise Ship Industry”

A. Training, Knowledge, Educate. Cruise Planners/American Express provides all the training and support you need to be a success. It even harbors its own university that covers the seven seas.

4. “I have a small savings, but I am afraid to risk it.

A. There are many no-risk options to investing in Cruise Planners/American Express. You only need to talk to the experts at Cruise Planners/American Express to alleviate the fear of investing, AND there is no overhead when you do business from home.

Let’s face it. Owning your own business is a big step. No one can take that step but you. However, if you are brave enough to make that call to Cruise Planners/American Express, and learn about our travel business opportunities, educate yourself on the ins and outs of owning your own business, prepare a business plan, and learn from the experts…how could you possibly fail? Book a cruise through Cruise Planners/American Express, and think about it as you venture the seas toward success.