You know how dashing young men are always trying to find unique ways to propose to their soon-to-be brides? At some time, you have probably seen airplanes with tail signs flying in the wind with a banner asking, “Will you marry me, Cathy?”. You have probably also witnessed a few proposals at a concert or at a baseball game when suddenly, you see a couples picture come up on the big screen as the gallant fan proposes marriage to his gal.

Ideas for a Marriage Proposal Aboard a Cruise Ship

There are a lot of proposals that take place on cruise ships too, just ask a local travel agent for some ideas.

Research found a couple of great ideas for a marriage proposal aboard a cruise ship…If you go to the formal dinner and dance on board, you can arrange for the waiters to bring individual roses to your table with a note tied to each stem. On the final rose, have the wedding ring tied with a ribbon and let the waiter hand it to you. You get down on your knees and propose to the woman of your life. Arrange ahead of time for the band to play your favorite song, and don’t forget to arrange a photo op for the occasion.

Another idea… you can do a Scavenger Hunt. This idea has you proposing on the first day of the cruise. You ask the crew to help you do a “welcome aboard” scavenger hunt. The instructions can be in your room with each of you having your own instructions. Her list takes her around the ship until she meets up with you at a secluded spot where you will be waiting with a ring, champagne, and flowers. The rest of the trip will be like a pre-honeymoon destination cruise, or you can even arrange to have the Captain of the Ship marry you and go ahead and make it your honeymoon!

While on the cruise ship, set up with the crew that your future wife will be the one to win. At a bingo night, have them give her the winning card when she goes up to claim her prize, the bingo caller can hand her a card that reads, “Turn around for your prize.” When she turns around, you can be waiting there on a bended knee with a ring. You can do the same marriage proposal with any other shipboard games that your girlfriend is interested in playing.

Yet another idea, is that prior to going on your cruise, sign up for snorkeling. You make a sign, and since you will be underwater, you need to attach it to something such as a rock or anchor. Pin the ring on your bathing suit. When snorkeling, go ahead and propose, but make sure she doesn’t choke from screaming with excitement…if she is overwhelmed, come up for air! Contact a wedding & honeymoon cruise travel agent for other stunning ideas to make your engagement on a cruise ship unforgettable.

Keepsake of the Entire Cruise Ship Proposal

Finally, you can order these fantastic models of the authentic Cruise Ships – for instance, you purchase the model, and put the ring right on top and present them both as a keepsake of the entire proposal. In addition, you can order models of Norwegian Jewel/Pearl/Gem and Jade. There are models of all ships not just the Norwegian cruisers. The cruise ship models are the perfect gift for not only a marriage proposal keepsake, but also a treasured memory of any cruise you take for any occasion.

These can be ordered here:

You don’t need a “reason for the season” of gift proposals. The only possible risk you could be taking  by proposing on a cruise, would be a horrifying answer of “no” from your girlfriend…but in a million years that will never happen on our Love Boat proposals.  Hey, if by some slight chance it ever does though, don’t jump overboard, there ARE other fish in the sea… ;-)