We can all agree that the information road map of the internet is the greatest, most productive and world-wide user friendly resource that exists today. However, believe it or not, there are things the Internet CANNOT help you with when it comes to the Travel Industry.

You can search the internet for the BEST deals for cruises of course, and you can probably find a great deal. BUT…if you have a problem with the reservations, you need a “live” person to help you, and the red tape you go through to fix the situation on-line will cost you nothing but time, research, and “pre-travel”  frustration because you don’t have that personal touch that a travel agent can provide you.

Cruise Planners/American Express Agents are trained to provide you the best deals, vacations, and expert advice when it comes to planning your cruise.That little “blue box” affords you the best of the best when it comes to using a Travel agency that partner with American Express.

This partnership solidifies Cruise Planners/American Express trend of success to be the best well-known travel franchise on the land and by sea…and speaking about franchises, Cruise Planners/American Express Director, Dan Hicks, was recently quoted in an article in Franchise Gator in answer to a question not about the agents, but about actually owning a travel franchise…

What’s one of the best things about a Cruise Planners/American Express Franchise?

“We are home-based, which keeps the overhead down. Another thing is our franchisees are the greatest!Our marketing and technology are hands down, the best in the industry. Add our in-depth on-line training and our six day hands-on training here in Ft. Lauderdale and you get the best education possible. Our training never stops with over 20 monthly webinars, 200 hours of on-demand training and constant support from our Business Development Department.”

In a tough economy, an investment of under $10,000 is not too hard to make happen…especially when you have Cruise Planners/American Express behind you to train, follow-up, provide incentive programs, and even offer the perks to help you succeed.

You can do this business at home and even on a part-time basis as well. Don’t wait out the poor job-market, or sit still while the unemployment benefits run out. Small-business loans are available and training is there for you. Perks allow you to travel to places you would never have dreamed of going, and only opportunities exist…so what ARE you waiting for…call Cruise Planners/American Express today and get on board the ship to success.