destination wedding and then planning a cruise for their honeymoon

Often, couples are conflicted about spending so much money on a destination wedding and then planning a cruise for their honeymoon. The good news is, however – if you use a Cruise Planners/American Express travel agent, you will find a cruise can fit right into that wedding budget, when you want and need to spend time alone with your new spouse.

Since weddings are planned early, you can make contacting a travel agent as important as calling the church to book the date early. When the travel agent knows the dates far in advance of the destination wedding, they can find the best and economically affordable places to go for that exotic honeymoon, where memories will last forever. A travel agent can help save you money when they book the flights and hotels for you as well. They purchase tickets in bulk and can pass the savings on to the newlyweds. Cruise Planners/American Express will also know the most popular wedding destinations to go for honeymooners, which restaurants to go to, and fantastic attractions to make your romantic trip the best for both of you.

Cruise Planners/American Express recently partnered with Honeymoonwishes.com, an online registry provider to create a travel registry website for the happy couples and anyone wanting to celebrate with them on a cruise. The engaged couple books their travel with an agent from Cruise Planners/American Express, and can register their honeymoon trip and all the activities right on the registry, including the wedding gifts. Their personal website will detail all the plans from beginning to end and the happy couple, families and friends – can all take part in the upcoming celebration.

The good news is that it does not have to start or end with the honeymoon. Many people are booking their 25th, and 50th anniversary celebrations by booking a cruise, as well as those fantastic SENIOR trips and family reunions that just need to be on every bucket list or wish-list.

If you haven’t heard, taking a cruise is the “in” thing to do these days.  There are hundreds of travel agent services, offers, and opportunities offered on-line. However, you can sift through all that by choosing award-winning Cruise Planners/American Express to plan your special occasion. You will quickly find that all the stress and budgeting for any of your celebrations will be alleviated at this one-stop shop where the primary goal is to make a memorable occasion for you. We make it special so you will come back for ALL those special celebrations in your life.