In prior years, people had dependable pay, job security, and long-range Pension Plans savings to enjoy when they had a job. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Today, the only place you can feel confident that you have security is through investing in your own business.

First, you need to identify the specific benefits for a home based business:

You have a minimum investment
• You can start small and grow
• It’s “all in the family”
• It can be warrant opportunities to any walk of life
• It is a productive environment no matter what age, if your retired, or out-of-work
• You can utilize all communication technologies
• You can choose to work Full-time or Part- time and name your own hours.

Next, you need to have a Business Plan – What should be included in your Plan?

Description of your business
• Targeted Market and Customers
• Trends In this Business
• Pricing Power
• The Vision and the People
• Home-Based Business Issues
• Financing Strategy
• Organization
• Licenses, Permits and Business Names
• Business Organization, Consultants and Insurance Matter/People, Lawyers
• Computers and Communications Tools
• Acquisitions
• Local and Area Space
• Accounts & Cash Flow Planning
• E-Commerce Tools and Functioning
• Marketing, Training
• Managing Employees
• Growth Program and Expansion

This Business Plan is imperative in starting a new business, but you are not alone in the start-up process either. At Cruise Planners/American Express, you are offered this help from beginning to end through their opportunities and training to help make you successful.
Very few franchises offer the unique perks you get in the cruise-line business either. Ask yourself, would you rather have free hamburgers and fries, or a trip to the Caribbean?

Again, ask yourself, do you want to invest millions to own a fast-food franchise for those free hamburgers and cokes, or less than $10,000 to see the world as you are MAKING money? When you put dollars, cents and value to it, it is a no-brainer isn’t it.