How to Choose a Travel Agent and Agency

Most of your travel agents or travel franchise owners consist of experienced travelers who already have the “travel bug instinct” to help their clients find the best cruise or business opportunities for their money. As in any business, most owners or salespeople have had a “connection” to their product.  In this case, the connection is identified as the “expertise”…a seasoned traveler, one who knows the travel business inside and out.

The person you select to be your travel agent will be totally involved and most likely a well-seasoned  participant of the industry. The travel industry is one of the fastest growing occupations today, and ask any agent in the business what their background is, and you will probably find they have traveled extensively, own a franchise, or are working as an agent.  You may even find they have worked “offshore” on the ship itself.

An agent will possess all the criteria needed for you to travel from ship to shore. They will be knowledgeable about tours, lodging, flights, airport operations, car rentals, costs, destinations, cultural events and customs, the ships, the crew, the captain, the best deals, …ALL of the ins and outs of your travel experience. It would take weeks for an individual to research all the information that one travel agent can provide in a one on one conversation.

There are specialized cruises that the agents will help you identify. It can be anything from family Disney cruises, to seniors or singles cruises – maybe you want to visit a particular region or lifestyle, Cruise Planners/American Express can provide you all the information you need.

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, take a cruise. Then call Cruise Planners/American Express to find out about the fantastic franchise opportunities they offer. They provide a work-at-home package that not only offers a low investment and training, but the perks that go along with travelers who just can’t seem to stay away from the water.