Have you wanted to own your own business and wondered where you can find the capital to do so? The Franchise Industry offers many opportunities to borrow money, and many offer low start-up investments, which is especially attractive to a new Franchisor just starting out. One such opportunity is Cruise Planners/American Express where the investment is $9,995.00. This is definitely a very low investment and quite perfect for a new grad student or military man who is just starting out on his career pursuit with very little money to invest.

There are several franchise finance assistance programs offered by the US Government. Each is in the form of loan guarantees made to lenders.

Research offered two particular programs that are worth looking into:

SBA (Small Business Association) Loan. This is a great place to check out because the SBA offers favorable terms and recognizes the importance of our nation’s small businesses. They provide competitive rates, no points, and no penalties for pre-payment. As a potential franchisee, you may qualify for an SBA loan, based on criteria such as number of employees, business size, and annual sales. Theirs is a simple and straightforward process as compared to other options.

USA – Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Veterans. The Veterans Financial Franchise Initiative (VetFran) was initiated in the early 1990s as a way for franchisors to thank members of the military for their service during the Gulf War. VetFran allows service members to pay only 10 % or less of the total initial investment cost of purchasing a franchise. That difference between the required franchise fee and what the franchisee has available to invest is contributed by the participating franchisor as part of an “initial earned equity.” Many International Franchise Association (IFA) members participate in the program. The franchisee must be able to qualify for a SBA 85% loan guarantee package. Now VetFran is limited to franchises with initial investments that are $ 150,000 or less.

401k or Retirement Fund. Initially this may appear as an unlikely or scary source to tap. However, of the overall high success rate of franchising, this source can actually be a wise business move, as you are re- investing the funds, not withdrawing them, which, of course, would involve stiff tax penalties.

Other Investors. A viable option may be with other investors, especially if the franchise your investing in – comes with a very popular brand, where the likelihood of success increases substantially. As an example, Cruise Planners/ American Express are an internationally known #1 brand and only enhance the opportunities for success with Cruise Planners. Be sure your proposal includes your business plan and specific goals, along with prior accomplishments from other business ventures or past employment.

Family/Friends Perhaps a well-capitalized relative would be willing to loan you the money for your franchise business. Whether it is a friend or family member, caution must be taken in making the deal and every part of the agreement should be done in writing and legally to assure no issues crop up later possibly ruining family relationships or friendships.

These financial incentives to invest in Cruise Planners/American Express are especially attractive to VETS, Service Men and Women, Retirees and College Graduates. It is a very small investment with a great deal of income potential. Training is provided, no prior experience is necessary, you can travel and see the world and even work-at-home. Do you know of any other franchise that offers such exciting rewards?