There is so much talk about technology these days.  The pros and cons and the “out with the old and in with the new” mindset.  The current generation is saying goodbye to a lot of “oldies” in favor of the newer technologies,  especially in business and a report of the 10 most, some surprising, and some not – ones are listed here. Take a look at where the jobs are becoming extinct.

Video Postproduction Services. Most companies in video production are now done in-house, which leaves the retail prospects on the road to oblivion.  The video “cutting” is no longer the forte, not with the new digital editing software that takes it place.

Newspaper Industry – is on it’s last legs and this one will be sad to watch go.  Today’s society no longer sits at a breakfast table, coffee in hand – reading the daily paper. They catch it online, on mobile – or anywhere it does not constitute them sitting down and relaxing with the morning or evening paper.

Apparel Manufacturing – Can’t find a “made in the USA tag?  Apparently, the cheap labor cost overseas and consumer’s expectations for getting bargains at home, has put the US industries to bed permanently.  There was a -77.1 percent decline in revenue last decade, and the numbers will reflect an even higher percentage next decade.

Textile Mills hardly exist anymore.  Revenue in the last decade, and cheap competition from abroad has all contributed to the last breath for the Textile Industry to breath.

Formal Wear and Costume Rentals Although Tuxedo’s will continue to always be a hot item, costume rental and Halloween costumes will be a thing of the past as people turn creatively towards making their own or opting for disposable costumes.

Record Stores. If the cassettes didn’t kill record stores, digital certainly did.  Record stores are a quaint commodity now, and survive only for collectors. Revenue down -34% and is predicted to go higher over the next decade.

Who would have thought that Video Rentals would go out of business? Why bother going to the local store when you can download or even purchase your video online? Red Box now cost $1.00 to rent a movie, cheaper now than even getting one over cable. However, you still have a trip to the store to get it…for a $4.00 – $5.00 savings.

Photoshops…what’s that?  Yes, people actually got film developed. Now with instant pictures on phones and computers, few bother with it anymore.  In less than 5 minutes, you can take a picture and send it to Grandma in 10 minutes…it’s almost like she was right there for the “captured event”.

Finally, Ma Bell is hanging around, but is for one, a company that could sustain itself, even if their wireless products surpass the revenue… just think, you would not have to carry a cell around your home into every room. You just grab the extension per usual.

So saying goodbye to the old and positioning your-self for the future, what industry is cruising along at record speeds that offer growth potential, high return of your investment and job security? You guessed it, the Cruise-line Franchise Business. Statistics indicate that Cruising has become a major part of the tourism industry, accounting for U.S.$29.4 billion with over 19 million passengers carried worldwide in 2011.

So there you have it, an opportunity offered by Cruise Planners/American Express. Don’t let technology sink your opportunities…hit the top deck…try cruising for a business, and for a living!