As a service to you, Cruise Planners/ American Express has researched information regarding the usage of cell phones/smartphones on Cruise Ships. Cellular at Sea is offered as an amenity on most of the cruise ships. Many people may think that their cell phone works as usual at sea, but this is not the case.
No matter what provider you have signed up with or what data plans are available to you, cell phone usage at sea is an additional fee you need to factor into your budget if you decide you just have to have your cell phone with you on your cruise. Even plans that offer limitless long distance and data plans will not be accessible at sea.

The way it works, is that the Cellular @ Sea service goes through the satellite equipment and you are charged extra for that service no matter what plan you have with your provider. In addition, the bill does not show up on your ships invoices of billing, it shows up later on your own bill from your cellular service provider.


Don’t forget that the new smartphones of today all have automatic connect to Cellular at Sea and you will be charged international roaming charges if you forget to turn your phone off. In other words, if the phone is on, you are charged big time.
Therefore, you must keep your phone off so that it won’t pick up services as you travel from port to port. If you want to change your settings prior to the cruise, you can call your service provider and find out how to do it.

“Cellular at Sea.” The cost of the service varies depending on your home carrier, but for AT&T users it is about $0.79 per minute. You will have to decide if the cost warrants the usage, but in an emergency of course, there wouldn’t be a question but to use the ships network at any cost.
Most cruise lines also provide Wi-Fi based onboard Internet service. Rates for these services usually range from $0.75 per minute down to $0.30 per minute. The more time you prepay, the lower the rate is.

To find out if your favorite cruise ship has Cellular At Sea or Internet service, visit the website for the cruise line or ask your Cruise Planners/American Express Agent to factor in the best possible cost for your type of phone if you want to stay connected.

Network Management Center (NMC)

Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) offers  a state of the art Network Management Center (NMC) with monitoring 24/7 365 days a year. Trained professionals provide monitoring and support for the cellular systems onboard ships in our fleet no matter where they are in the world.
We provide remote assistance for issues and questions that might arise ranging from highly technical, related to the onboard system, to how to help a guest dial their phone to call home.

WMS Network Management Center contact information:
24 hour Phone number: 1-954-883-2407
24 hour Email address: wms.nmc@cellularatsea.com

Put this information on your “To Do” list and let Cruise Planners/American Express help you stay connected at sea either way.  You not only don’t want your phone to be incurring charges as it sits in your drawer in the cabin, you also don’t want to drop it into the sea!