Theme Cruises for 2011 and 2012

The fun in taking a cruise doesn’t begin when you get onboard. The planning that goes into your cruise is exciting and even feeds the anticipation of your upcoming trip. Today, we are going to learn a bit about theme cruises. Let’s begin by listing just some of the type of themes available for cruises.

  • Sports Cruise
  • Faith-Based Cruises
  • History & World Affairs
  • Wellness Cruises
  • Political Cruises
  • Nature Cruises
  • Food & Wine Cruises
  • TV & Film Cruises
  • Lifestyle Cruises
  • Kids Cruise

There are cruises that suit many of your interests, even beyond the above list. For instance, The Disney Cruises, The American Doll Cruise coming up in September, Motor Cycle Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Golf Cruises, Cooking Cruises, and the list can continue to grow. Cruises today can be planned around your special interest, which seems to be a great idea, due to the type of people you would be cruising with…those who share the same interest – making the cruise much more interesting as far as meeting people.

Yearly cruises are popular as well. Every heard of a Chocolate Cruise, Jazz festival Cruise or the very popular – Carnival’s NASCAR voyage? The most common of the so-called, “theme cruises,” are trips in which a special interest group arranges to purchase a number of staterooms in different categories, sets up an itinerary, arranges for special guests or notables, and markets the cruise to people who would be interested in that activity. These groups can range from sororities to conventions, business associations, senior citizen groups, etc.. These specific groups usually have little impact on the other vacationers on-board although some of the public spaces may be taken-over by the group.

Usually a theme is planned by a special interest group who book several staterooms, plans an itinerary, invites the passengers, and then markets the trip to those who would be interested in purchasing the theme trip. There are also full-ship cruises offered when a group is large enough to charter the entire cruise ship to accommodate their theme.

Reportedly, there are also cruises offered for kids on the Autistic/Aspergers Syndrome or other disability groups.

For Music Lovers, in 2011 there are music cruises scheduled such as:  Best Kosher Cruises, Irish Music Cruises, Gospel Music Cruises, (see Facebook for details).  There is also a Rhythm & Blues Cruise, let’s not leave out classical music, there is a cruise coming up in September for classical music lovers.

This list could keep going, but this blog is getting too long…so until next one…keep coming back for some fun facts, business ideas, education on the waters, and just plain “stuff” that is good to know!