Brian Shultz

Chief Information Officer

Brian Shultz, Chief Information OfficerLord of the Geeks

Brian Shultz oversees all the technology that is produced and maintained at Cruise Planners. Brian works closely with the different departments in-house as well the agent community to drive his team to produce industry-leading tools that make the management of their business seamless and easy.

Hobbies: Basketball, software development, and drawing/illustration
Favorite Vacation Spot:
I love the west coast; Napa Valley, California in particular
Bucket List:
Take a tour of the great cities of Italy. I would love to see Rome, Venice, and Sicily. I have a fondness for both art and history, and I cannot think of a better place to immerse myself in both.
Cruisitude™: I love watching the city as the ship leaves the port and realizing that what I can look forward to relaxation and fun on my vacation. To me, there is nothing better than a cruise to reduce stress and increase fun
Fun facts:
-I was a Social Science major in college
-I was an accomplished artist who won several competitions before getting into IT
-I always wanted to be a pro golfer- unfortunately I stink at golf

Brian’s team is a collection of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds in all aspects of technology. Their combined skill sets create a dynamic group that has delivered some of the best, most cutting-edge tools within the travel industry.

Prior to being named Vice President of technology, Brian served as the Senior Director of IT at Cruise Planners since he joined them in 2009. As Director of IT, he oversaw the creation of the IT department which included making all the personnel decisions along with all decisions relating the technology infrastructure that supports the ever-growing agent base.

Before joining Cruise Planners, Brian was the Director of Operations for MVI Solutions, a software development company based out Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Brian has been in IT for the past 12 years and specializes in delivering enterprise-level applications utilizing industry best practices.