Franchises that are proving to be the most profitable for 2015 so far, offer a lot more than just low-cost start-ups. Entrepreneur magazine does a top ranking every year of franchises that are highly successful, present new trends and show growth potential.

Here is a comparison chart that outlines some of the most profitable franchises in 2015:

Take a look at this table of just 25 franchises and see where Cruise Planners compares to the other franchises.




1 Hampton by Hilton

Misprice hotels

$4M – 14M
2 Anytime Fitness

Fitness center

$63K – 418K
3 Subway

Subs, salads

$117K – 263K
4 Jack in the Box


$1M – 2M
5 Supercuts

Hair salon

$114K – 234K
6 Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Gourmet sandwiches

$323K – 544K
7 Servpro

Insurance/disaster restoration and cleaning

$142K – 191K
8 Denny’s Inc.

Family restaurant

$1M – 2M
9 Pizza Hut Inc.

Pizza, pasta, wings

$297K – 2M
10 7-Eleven Inc.

Convenience stores

$38K – 1M
11 Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee, doughnuts, baked goods

$217K – 2M
12 Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l. Inc.

Commercial cleaning

$4K – 52K
13 Days Inn


$179K – 8M
14 McDonald’s

Burgers, chicken, salads, beverages

$989K – 2M
15 Aaron’s

Furniture, electronics, computer and appliance leasing and sales

$276K – 783K
16 KFC Corp.


$1M – 3M
17 Hardee’s

Burgers, chicken, biscuits

$1M – 2M
18 H&R Block

Tax preparation, electronic filing

$32K – 149K
19 Taco Bell

Mexican food

$1M – 3M
20 Kumon Math & Reading Centers

Supplemental education

$64K – 134K
21 The UPS Store

Postal, business, printing and communications services

$168K – 354K
22 Cruise Planners

Travel agency

$2K – 23K
23 GNC Franchising

Vitamins and nutrition products

$191K – 322K
24 Sonic Drive-In Restaurants

Burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, breakfast, ice cream, beverages

$1M – 2M
25 Snap-on Tools

Professional tools and equipment

$160K – 316K



You may ask what the criteria is for qualifying to be in the Annual Top 500 Franchises ranking. These rankings are mainly based on the impact of latest trends and the industries that are positioned for growth. All companies, regardless of size are considered based on the same criteria for each:

Entrepreneur reports that they base all companies by their objectives. Financial strength and stability, growth and size of the system. They also consider how long a company has been in business and how long it has been franchising, startup costs, litigations, percentage of terminations and whether the company provides financing. A CPA is used to analyze the financial data.

The style of management or franchise satisfaction is not factored into the process.

The most profitable franchises for 2015 are a potential step-off to investigate what is the best investment for the  money. The bigger the investment also involves the biggest risk but when you add the pros and cons of each…if you include the value factor Cruise Planner has to offer, it is very obvious why they were chosen #22 most profitable franchise in the Top 500 franchises for 2015 by Entrepreneur and being the #1 most profitable cruise/travel franchise.



Franchise for Sale



As you browse the internet looking at small business websites, or even as you are reading your monthly business magazines, you will inevitably come across ads that read, “Franchise for Sale“.

Now considering an investment in a franchise business requires pre-planning and lots of homework. Your first step before even creating a business plan would be to research your reasons for wanting to buy a franchise in the first place.

These questions are only the very first steps you need to consider before you dive into the business of actually purchasing a Franchise for Sale. After you have sufficiently thought out your personal agenda you then start your investigative work that will help you to formulate your business plan for operating a travel franchise.

  • Is there a specific criterion for owning your own franchise?
  • Should you look into the most popular franchises or try to invest in a unique low competitive franchise business, which can generate high growth over the years. Would you make this a family affair seek a partnership with another who wants to own a franchise?
  • What about the location of your franchise? If you don’t find one for sale near your city, would you consider moving to purchase a franchise? Do you want to work from home or from an office?
  • What are your hobbies? Interests? Passions in life? Would any of these (like traveling) have a Franchise for Sale? These are all things you love, so the business would feed your interests.
  • Do you have enough collateral to back up the purchase of a franchise?

You will probably want to make a list of Franchises for Sale so you can sort them out according to interest and location first. Once you keen in on the particular franchise for sale and narrow down the locations you are interested in, you can start addressing the franchise agreement.

You will want to comparison shop the financial performances of franchises you are interested in purchasing. You will look at all aspects of the business and research the many references on the internet or in business trade magazines to help you see the big picture, financially.

You will want an attorney that has franchise knowledge who can assist you in negotiating agreements and changes toward a business deal that fulfills the purchase of the franchise. This attorney will not only help with the contractual end of the business, but if there are partnerships involved, negotiate with your potential partner’s attorney as well, to consolidate a solid agreement for all parties concerned. Usually, in a Franchise for Sale agreement, the actual contract is already made by the franchisor and the franchisee simply agrees to the contract as written.

There are many aspects to purchasing your own franchise. Be sure to look into the many facets of the Cruise Planners travel franchise website so you can get a first-hand look at all aspects of the travel business and the lucrative packages offered. This website will tell you all about Cruise Planners University (CPU), a University for Travel Agents to gain certifications to sell various types of travel. The website also provides news on not only purchasing a work from home travel franchise, but provides expert advice and marketing ideas to help you with your decisions. Cruise Planners is one of the many wonders of the Cruise World franchise!



~ September 2015 ~












Ask for







Build email list – do a quick search, how to build an email list”.

4 5


Sponsor local events – charity events,

5k run, etc.,







Collaborate with other businesses and cross promote

13 14


Content Marketing on website



Post Fliers on Bulletin Boards

18 19


Develop Current Customer Relationships

22 23


Social Media Marketing

25 26


 Offer Free Workshop



Tally up the success of the month and recreate new ideas/agenda’s for next month!













large beach

Cruise Planners Franchise owners may think that their marketing is only on the sea, but on-land marketing is a great c’mon on for potential customers, cruisers and networking.


You can organize a community service day where your business, employees and current customers host a day where you have a stream cleanup, a blood drive, host a movie for seniors only at a discount price and hand out your sponsored brochures or flyers promoting your business as well as giving back to the community.  Sponsor a swimming pool event or swim meet that introduces an opportunity to network with people who love the water!  Go to hotels that offer inside/outside pools and host a happy hour for the guests and promote (tactfully) your business.


Don’t forget the kids.  At the beach you can host a cookout that has clowns, water tricks or events, hot dogs, carnival style games, and give each kid a promotional t-shirt with Cruise Planners on it.  You get discounts on bulk orders.


Promotional items are always a good bet when people go on vacation.  Water bottles, beach towels, reusable water bottles, inflatable town sunscreen, hats visors, beach balls, are all great promotional items that you can distribute at various beaches you visit over the summer.


Kids are going off to college after summer?  Kids are going back to school in August?  Provide promotional pencils, binders, folders, pens, book bags, lunch totes, promoting your business name.  It keeps students thinking “beach, water, boat, cruise” all year long. 


“Hey, Mom & Dad, where are we going next summer on our cruise?  Let’s try a holiday cruise in November or December”.

Many have taken a trip to Disneyland, but have they taken a Disney Cruise!? 


Promote! Promote! Promote during the summer months and you will see that your franchise business

thrives during the winter months too!