Medical Issues while Traveling with Oxygen,  Diabetes, and Heart Disease, can be a challenge, but it is does NOT have to stop you from having your dream cruise vacation, you just have to do some preparations for it.

Medical Clearance
When taking a cruise, there are some clearances that you may need to have. For instance, a medical doctors permission saying you are fit to travel even though you may have some conditions to meet first; airline and cruise lines may have to give approvals, and some medical equipment  may need to be ordered.


If you have diabetes, you will need a prescription for insulin. You should wear a bracelet identifying that you are a diabetic. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) also provided a suggestion that a diabetic learn how to say they are a diabetic and need sugar or orange juice, in the languages of the country they are visiting. You should also have all your medical supplies packed, with double doses of meds, blood-testing kits and pack your own “emergency” snack pack of peanut butter, fruit, cheese, crackers, hard candy, or nutrition bars.

Oxygen Users

The easiest way to travel free of hassle if you use oxygen is to get a form from your physician for both the airlines and the cruise ship. It is also a good idea to inform them in advance, that you will be using oxygen on the trip. You can also investigate in your local area, portable machines that you can use.  Many airlines provide the oxygen for a fee between $50 and $150 per leg.  This can save your batteries for the portable machine but can be costly for you…it is nice to have the options available.  If you have questions about using the oxygen on the cruise ship, you can notify the travel agent prior to your trip and they can answer any questions and reassure you of using the portable machines while traveling.

Heart Disease

If you have heart disease and want to travel, you need to work out all the details with your doctor as far as do’s and don’ts.  How fit are you to travel? What type of activity can you do, not do. Normally, physicians give the ok to travel within two weeks after an “uncomplicated” heart attack or stent replacement. You need to check with the cruise line to see if you need a letter from your physician and you can probably get a copy of you EKG take with you. Have a contact list of your physicians name and number, pharmacy and emergency contacts just to be on the safe side – so anyone can call your Dr. quickly if it becomes necessary.

As you can see, having health issues does not have to hamper your vacation or stop you from travel.  Vacations are a very healthy way to rest, have fun, renew mental clarity or just plain relax and are often the most beneficial way to maintain good health.

If you have questions, travel agents, flight attendees, and ship captains and medical staff on board of the ships, are all there to provide you with the answers to help make your trip, the safest and free of medical concerns.