In an economy where we see fuel prices rising on a daily basis, it is interesting to investigate how much fuel a cruise liner uses since they travel all over the world to many different destinations.

The oil consumption of a cruise ship will vary, depending on its size. Ships can carry up to 3,000 tons of the heavy fuel type. They also can carry over 140 tons of gas oil.  Normally they can take up to 12 tons every 60 minutes.

Even if a ship is just sitting on idle in the sea, fuel is being burned. The bigger the ship, the more fuel is used. Keeping in mind that people want activities and amenities while on board a ship, that too consumes energy and fuel. The size of the ship has an impact on how much fuel is used as well. It is estimated that it takes close to 200 gallons of fuel to cover one nautical mile, which is equal to 6.076 feet.

The good news is that Green cruises are influencing the cruise lines as the world becomes more concerned with the environment. People and businesses are looking for a way to develop efficient ways to harness the fuel and develop other methods to power their ships. LED lighting throughout the ship by using solar panels is one way that the ship has used energy more efficiently.

Tinted windows and energy efficient appliances contribute to saving energy. A passenger asked how much fuel a cruise ship uses on an average voyage compared to his car.  Research indicated that cruise ships do not use the same fuel as cars do. Marine Oil or what is sometimes called bunker fuel, powers them.

A ship does approximately 40 feet to the gallon while an average car could do about 55 to 60 miles to the gallon, Dependent on the size and travel distance and cargo of the ship that number of course always changes. Do not hold all these math estimates to heart, as time goes on and Green Cruises are created, fuel prices change, and destinations are both short and long, it will all vary.